Ready for ‘The Circle’ Season 5? Audition For These Reality Shows

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Photo Source: Tom Dymond/Netflix

Anyone else counting down the days until Season 5 of “The Circle” premieres on Netflix? The highly popular social experiment and competition show returns on December 28—just in time for fans to enjoy during the holidays. If you’re interested in not only watching but also participating in a reality or dating show, check out these gigs!

“Catfish: The TV Show”

MTV’s hit reality show is seeking individuals who have been using someone else’s photos online or on dating apps. Production is looking for potential participants, aged 18–50, for its ongoing casting with both the shooting schedule and pay to be determined. 

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“The Untitled Dating App’s Dating Show”

A major cable network/streamer is seeking eligible singles on dating apps. Production is looking for talent, aged 21–45. The show will shoot in 2023 with the location to be determined. Pay, travel, and lodging are provided.

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Therapy Reality TV

A therapy reality TV show is seeking content creators and real people, all genders, aged 18 and above. Production is looking for individuals to discuss themes related to family issues, friend issues, coworker issues, finance issues, cleanliness issues, insufficient support, called off weddings, body positivity/feeling unconfident, change in career, and surgery gone wrong. Shooting will take place in Stamford, Connecticut, with dates to be determined. Pay and travel will be provided. 

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Indian Mom and Daughter Duos

A docu-reality television series is seeking Indian mother and daughter duos for its winter/spring shoot. Production is looking for individuals, aged 22–70, who share an extremely close-knit bond and are incredibly proud of their culture and heritage. Pays $1,500 for an estimated 12 weeks of work. 

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On-Screen Talent for YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel that develops sensible prank/challenge videos is seeking on-screen talent. The channel is looking for performers aged 18 and above who have high energy and charisma. Improv skills and a sense of humor are a huge bonus. Shooting takes place in Los Angeles. The pay is a flat rate of $100–$500 for an estimated six hours of work. 

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