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Whether you’re a fan of Jonathan Larson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, or musicals in general, Tick, Tick... Boom!” is surely going to be on your list of favorite movies. The new musical, which can be streamed on Netflix now, has been getting a lot of attention, due to its all-star cast and production team. So, if you’ve watched the new film and are wanting to star in a similar project, check out these musical-related gigs. 

“Beyond Illusion”

Calling all theatre wannabes! If you love musicals, you should audition for “Beyond Illusion,” a Broadway-style magic show. Specifically needing female dancers, aged 18-32, who must submit a headshot and cover letter. Rehearsals start January 2022 in Gardena, California. Production starts March-April 2022 in Los Angeles and San Diego. Pays $300-$400 per show. Gas and food expenses are all covered.

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“Pew! The Musical”

“Pew! The Musical” is a student film about a pure Christian teen who suddenly faces the sinful theatre world. In this whole new setting, he aims to find human connection while he’s at it. Need a male performer, aged 28, a second male performer, aged 50-60, a young performer, aged 8, and many more supporting roles. Shoots early next year in Illinois. Pay is deferred with small stipends available only for the larger roles.

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This theatrical musical is set in New York City, a once party town, until everyone becomes paralyzed with AIDS. Now everyone is sick, but BJ Rosenthal is determined to keep the party alive. Need one lead, aged 29-31, of any gender. Also need four supporting characters, aged 30-39, of any gender, in addition to other parts. Rehearsals start in April in San Diego. Professional pay included. 

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Holiday Dancers

Celebrate the holidays with what you know best: dance! D.T Entertainment is currently seeking male backup dancers skilled in musical theatre, Broadway, and hip-hop to perform in various holiday events. All males, aged 21 and older are welcome. Dancers must pick up choreography fast and have extensive training experience. Rehearsals are TBD in the Philadelphia area. Pays a $100 flat rate for each performance.

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“Ring of Fire” Suncoast Broadway Dinner Theatre

“Ring of Fire” is a musical needing performers who have proficient acting and singing skills. A female role, aged 18-50, and four male roles, aged 18-50. All applicants must be instrumentally trained and have strong vocals. All ethnicities are also welcome. Begins rehearsing in December at Suncoast Broadway in Florida. Pays $300-500 per week in addition to possible tips. Housing and other accommodations provided. 

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“Rent School Edition”

“Rent School Edition” is a musical about finding love and oneself in the midst of the busy New York City. It is inspired by the classic “Rent,” but this time, it’s catered to the youth. Two male performers, aged 14-18, two female performers, also aged 14-18, and more roles are needed. Performs in April 2022 at The Point CDC in The Bronx. There is no pay. 

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