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Have you felt a disturbance in the Force? It’s probably because there’s so much “Star Wars” to watch these days. Whether you’re anxiously awaiting the Sept. 21 premiere of “Andor” or enjoying other adventures in a galaxy far, far away, now is the perfect time to use the Force and audition for these productions. Your sci-fi and Disney itch is sure to be scratched by applying to one of these great gigs. 

“Untitled Chris Paul Project”

This feature is slated for an initial release on Disney+ and distribution by Walt Disney Studios. The production seeks a Black male actor, aged 18–25, with excellent basketball skills to play the lead role of Young Chris Paul. Shoots Oct.–Dec. 2022 in TBD. 

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A new sci-fi/comedy web series in a similar style of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” or “30 Rock” needs talent. Production wants a female day player, aged 65 and older, to play a day-drinking curmudgeon. Shoots Dec. 2022 in Austin, Texas. Pays $100 with meals provided.

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Sci-fi Web Series

A new indie series about five colony ships leaving Earth to settle on another planet is casting. The project is looking for male talent, aged 18 and older, Latina, Middle Eastern, and female talent, aged 20–50, as well as a number of day players and supporting roles. Season 1 shoots through September. Season 2 begins shooting in Jan. 2023. Pay is $12.80 per hour. 

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“There’s a Lake In The Woods By My Parents House”

Casting is underway for this sci-fi coming-of-age short film, set to debut in a Dolby Cinema in March 2023. The project seeks a female, gender-nonconforming or non-binary actor, aged 18–25; an Asian, Black, Latinx, South Asian, Southeast Asian, ethnically ambiguous or multiracial actor who identifies as female, gender-nonconforming, or non-binary, aged 35–60; and an actor, aged 18–25, to play supporting role Lie. Shoots in TBD in Ohio. Pays $900 for 2 days of work for leads, pays $40 per hour for supporting roles. 

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“Black Steel”

This Civil War-era drama with sci-fi elements tracks a group of free Blacks as they journey north, pursued by bandits. Production is casting numerous roles including Black male talent, aged 20–50, to play lead roles. Shoots TBD in South Carolina and North Carolina. Pays $200 per day plus travel/mileage and meals.

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“The Next Stop”

Join the cast of “The Next Stop.” The project is about a female dancer who learns the history of breakdance through her traveling boombox. The production seeks a Black, ethnically ambiguous or multiracial female actor, aged 18–25, to play lead Tia, the time-traveling dancer, and a Black or Latino male actor, aged 40–60, to play lead Benny, a retired breakdancer. The project also seeks multiple breakdancers and background actors. Shoots TBD in New York City. Pays $175 per day plus meals. 

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“The Slumber Party,” Disney+

This feature is already slated for Disney+. Three best friends are determined to make Anna Maria’s 14th birthday a night they’ll never forget. Production seeks male background actors, aged 16–21, to play high schoolers. Shoots September 26–27 in Atlanta. Pays $110 for 10 hours of work.

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