Ready for Season 6 of ‘Outlander’? Apply to These Gigs

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Photo Source: Courtesy Starz

Fans who just can’t get enough of Claire and Jamie in the Starz hit drama series “Outlander” are in luck! On Nov. 22 it was revealed that Season 6 will debut in March of 2022. Dreaming of joining a series like “Outlander”? While there’s no casting news right now, we decided to round up some similar projects for you to check out instead. From medieval-inspired short films to historical dramas, you can apply to these gigs now. 

“The Brothers Blade”

Join “The Brothers Blade” cast, a fantasy medieval short film about two brothers who go to war. A male performer, aged 18-30, a second male performer, aged 18-25, and a third male performer, aged 40-70 are all needed. Rehearsals start Feb. in London. Shooting will be three to four days in March in London and elsewhere. Travel expenses are covered, but this is unpaid otherwise. 

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“M.M.O. Confidential”

The “M.M.O. Confidential” short action film needs performers for its medieval brawl! This is a fantasy world about a detective who uncovers its next adventure. Casting two female actors, aged 18-28, who both must have experience in sword fighting and martial arts. Supporting characters are also open for auditions. Rehearsals are in Dec. and Jan. Shooting starts in February in New Jersey. No pay, but other accommodations offered. 

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This historical drama tells the story of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Movement. In need of a male performer, aged 40-50, another male performer, aged 25-30, another male performer, aged 50-65, and a female performer, aged 25-30. Shoots TBD. This is an unpaid gig. 

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“Forgotten Earth: AW The Movie”

This feature film is about the Ancient Warriors who come together to defeat Mother Nature. During the fight, they must overcome struggles to become stronger than ever. A male talent, aged 25-31, of white descent. Also in need of various crew members. Filming begins mid-July 2022 in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. No pay available, but meals are included. 

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“The River”

“The River” is set in Germany, telling the story of a young man who visits his parents that died in World War II. Roles include a male talent, aged 22-30, a female talent, aged 40-60, a younger female talent, aged 24-34, and plenty more supporting roles. Rehearsals start August 2022 in NYC, and shooting starts October 2022 in NYC and Connecticut. Supporting characters will earn $100 per day, and main characters will earn $300. Plus, travel and meal expenses are included. 

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