The Casting Society of America Is Holding a Global Open Call for Asian Actors

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Photo Source: Casting Society of America

Casting Society of America has announced that they will hold a global open call for Asian actors, and it has already begun. The call will be held virtually—actors will submit a self-tape to participate. All professionally trained actors, union and non-union, who identify as East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, or West Asian are encouraged to participate. The deadline to submit a video is July 2.

This Global Open Call is part of CSA’s Commitment to Equity in Entertainment in Casting Initiative. This initiative includes a series of conversations, training events, and opportunities devised to shift how actors in historically marginalized and underrepresented communities are provided access to job opportunities. This global open call follows their “Closer To Equity: Deconstructing The Asian Narrative” push, which also included virtual town hall and round table conversations and events throughout May, which was Asian Heritage Month. 

Registration is required to submit a self-tape, and you can find more information about how to do that here. Actors can email [email protected] with any questions they may have about the call. Actors can also follow CSA’s social media accounts and their YouTube channel for more information about the event.

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