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Do you ever get confused and frustrated by all the conflicting information around the idea of belting?

Some voice teachers shun the idea that there’s even such a thing as healthy belting and steer their singers away from belting entirely. Others teach a technique that doesn’t address the tensions that inefficient belting creates, unknowingly leading their singers down a dangerous path toward possible vocal injury.

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Recently, I heard from a member of my virtual voice studio who was asking these very questions and I wanted to share her email because I have a feeling you may be wondering the same thing. She wrote:

There is so much information nowadays about singing technique and I am very passionate about it. The thing is, I have read a lot of books about vocal technique and met a lot of teachers in order to improve my knowledge (and singing, of course). Let’s just say the information gathered was sometimes so confusing and tension-friendly... I have a question about those really high belting notes for females (d-d#-e-f): Do you have some advice in order to help one access those notes in a powerful way? Is it enough to think about lower support and eliminating tension (mental and physical) in order to sustain those notes in a healthy way?

Belting is tricky, but it should not hurt and doesn’t have to be scary. In today’s video, I answer her question and do my best to demonstrate the way I find a healthy belt in the higher part of my chest register. 

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