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Facebook is almost two billion strong and growing every day, so chances are almost everyone you know—and want to know—in this show business has an account on the network. If used correctly, it can strengthen your friendships and advance your acting career. Here are my top three ways to use Facebook for your acting career.

1. Keep track of the people you already know.
Although Facebook is not the best place to reach out to people you don’t know, it’s a fantastic place to organize and stay top-of-mind with the people you’ve already worked with in this business. Many actors make the mistake of thinking it’s the quantity of connections they have that will get them cast. Instead, it’s truly the quality of relationships you build that will lead to more work. So instead of constantly trying to meet more people, why not get to know your existing friends better by strengthening your existing relationships?

You can do this by organizing your friends on Facebook into “friend lists” based on how you know them (school/classes, different projects you’ve been involved in, or by location) and engage with them on a regular basis. It’s not just who you know in the business, it’s who knows you. And one of the best ways to have more people know you is to engage with them on a regular basis. Using friend lists makes it easy to like, comment and share and will help you stay top-of-mind with the people who can hire you.

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2. Research the people you want to know.
The graph search on Facebook takes all the information from its users and creates a “Social Search Engine” of people, places, and things. It can be a very useful tool for an actor to research the people they want to work with.

You can use Facebook to get closer to your dream projects and colleagues by finding the mutual friends between you and the people you want to know. You can also gather social intelligence by researching the people you’ll meet at your next workshop, audition, or networking event. Then when you do start building a relationship on or offline, you can do so around a shared interest instead of just making it about you. The Facebook graph search can help provide the facts you need to start this conversation! No other platform has the research potential as Facebook.

3. Make new connections in groups.
Facebook groups are one of the best places to build relationships on social media. These social circles can be an amazing way to find industry professionals to rub elbows with around a common subject. The good news for you is there are hundreds of Facebook groups for actors organized by state, city, ethnic group, open casting notices, etc. No matter what group you choose, the best way to meet new people in groups is to participate! Introduce yourself, interact with and support your fellow members.

If you’re looking for a free way to start rockin’ your social media, I invite you to join an amazing community of actors in my new Social Media Savvy Actors Facebook Group. See you on Facebook!

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