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If you want to be the next Charlotte d'Amboise or Billy Porter, you need to be on point(e) at dance auditions—which includes knowing what to wear. Your first priority should be that you’re dressed comfortably. If you’re not comfortable, how can you give your best performance? Beyond that, strive to wear something that lets your dance skills stand out.

What to wear to a dance audition:

  • Dance shoes: Whether basic ballet slippers, jazz sneakers, or specialty tap or pointe shoes, bring the right shoes for your dance type and style.
  • Form-fitting clothing in neutral colors: While you don’t need to go full ballet regalia, dance audition clothes should be tight enough that your moves aren’t obscured. Stick to solid neutral colors so that your audience looks at you, not your outfit.
  • Clean hair and makeup: Pin your hair back and go light on the makeup so it enhances your look without becoming the primary focus. 
  • Nothing distracting: Leave jewelry, baggy clothes, and bold looks at home.

Check out this video from movement coach Erika Shannon (Don’t Dodge the Dance Call) for more info on dance tryout outfits and what you should (and shouldn’t!) wear to a movement audition.

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Erika Shannon is a choreographer, teacher, and movement coach, working with dancers of all levels, singers, models, and fitness enthusiasts to help them move their bodies with confidence and connect to movement so it makes sense. Her signature online dance program, Don’t Dodge the Dance Call, has been featured in several theatrical publications, including Backstage!
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