This Acting Talent Agency Is Growing – Are You on Their Radar?

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Repped asks agents to get real about the performance industry, what they want from prospective clients, and more. Who knows – you might find your future agent right here.

This week, Theo George from the agency Harvey Management takes us through how he’s growing the books and why he believes it’s better to be yourself than all things to all people. 

Describe your talent roster.
We have a lovely mix, from experienced actors with leading role credits to graduates just leaving drama school. I’ve even taken on a few people new to acting as I had a hunch about them – and they are doing well! 

Why was Harvey Management set up?
Harvey Management was set up as some clients at Harvey Voices wanted us to put them forward for in-vision work. From there, I joined the team and started putting together our list.

How do you find new talent?
By going to showcases or plays when we’re invited. But mostly, it’s word of mouth and recommendations, either through existing clients or casting directors in the industry.

Are you currently looking for any particular types of clients?
We are looking for men and women over the age of 50 and ethnically diverse clients of all ages. But we’re open to all, as long as we love your work or personality. 

What do you look for in a headshot and showreel?
In a headshot, we look for individuality and personality. Bland, generic shots don’t really appeal to us. Some actors feel the more generic the shot, the more versatile it makes you seem but I don’t feel that is where the industry is at. Being yourself is where it is at!

How would you recommend someone go about getting a meeting with you?
Email us in the first instance with a great photo, a reel, and short covering letter. After that, an invite to a show is a great idea.

What should actors have prepared for their first meeting with an agency?
I think actors need to be clear what they want to do – and what they are prepared to do – to achieve their goals. Don’t come with a huge list of things you don’t want to do unless you already have a body of work to show what you’re great at. I say that because sometimes actors have preconceived ideas of certain shows or commercial work, but later realise they are a great stepping stone to where you want to go.

What would stop you from signing an actor?
A lack of enthusiasm or love for the business. It’s hard work to enthuse actors who are not happy with their lives, for whatever reason, and that can very easily slip into the work. So, stay healthy, stay positive, and stay focused. 

What is the most common mistake actors make when trying to get an agent?
A common one is people guessing what an agent is looking for and trying to appeal to us on too many levels. We are looking for someone who is confident in their individuality. And, importantly, someone easy to get on with! 

How has the business changed since you started?
Currently, I think casting directors, producers, and clients are looking for individuality. Being a versatile actor doesn’t really work anymore so I encourage actors to keep their style, even if that means piercings, tattoos, and a shaved head. That’s all fine – just be happy being you.

What recent client performance are you proudest of?
We have such a variety of talented clients, ranging from comedians to straight actors and musical theatre, I honestly can’t pick one. But I love it when actors book a job, even after feeling the audition didn’t go their way. It fills them with confidence – you can hear the shock and happiness in their voice. Those so-called “bad auditions” are often the best. 

Has the agency got any plans you're able to announce?
As the management side is reasonably new we are focusing on growing our list and enjoying finding new talent. So, if you are after relaxed and friendly representation, get in touch!

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