Get Cast as a Lead in a Tech Commercial + More Roles for UK Actors

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Photo Source: Unsplash / Alexander Popov

These screen, stage, and voice projects are casting for actors and talent in the UK right now, so sharpen your self-taping and audition skills and get busy. 

Commercial casting for lead male and female
A tech company is seeking a male and female lead for a commercial featuring a love story. Sarah is female, playing-age 18–28, and any ethnicity. A young artist, she’s moved to London and is a bit shy. Matt is male, playing-age 18–28, and any ethnicity. He lives by himself in a modern apartment building, is stylish and charming but lacking in confidence. The project shoots 26–28 July in London and pays £800–£2,500, including a buyout. The team are seeking performers based in London. Check out the casting notice for more details and to apply now.

Feature film casting host of roles
Feature fantasy film Black Mountain is casting ahead of shooting in the autumn in the Penarth area. The team are seeking actors based nationwide for supporting roles, including Young Celtic Woman, female, playing-age of 18–30; two male actors to be Young Celtic Warriors, playing-age 20–35; Middle Aged Celtic Man, male, playing-age 30–45; and Celtic Tribe Elder, male, playing-age 50–65. All roles are non-speaking, open to any ethnicity or background, and ideally for people with athletic abilities in line with the role. Roles are paid £75 plus expenses. Head to the casting notice for more information and to apply now. 

Commercial casting for parents and child
An online ad for a sustainable smart home brand is seeking two parents and a child willing to appear in two or three locations, installing and using smart home technology. Parents can be playing-age 20–50, any ethnicity, and be from one household located less than an hour away from London. Their child should ideally be 4–14. Roles are paid £100 and the project shoots next week in London. Check out the casting notice for more details and to apply now.

Rush commercial casting for father and son
An online radio station commercial is rush casting for background performers in a shoot in and around Southwark next week. Roles are non-speaking, and open to performers of any ethnicity. The team are seeking a father and son, with the parent able to drive and with a full clean license, and the child aged around 12. They’re also seeking a man and woman, playing-age 25–35, to be office workers. Plus, performers are needed to feature as people in the park. The project shoots either 22 or 23 July; roles are paid and open to performers based in London. Head to the casting notice for more details and to apply now.

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