Get cast more often with YouTube and Vimeo

Did you know that more and more casting directors are requiring that videos be included with submissions?

We recommend adding professional video and audio reels to your profile ASAP, if you haven't already. The more high-quality media showcased on your resume, the more likely you'll be to get cast.

And if you're posting a casting notice on, include a video of your related work on your casting call to attract more submissions.

Professional Video Advice:

Whether you're an actor, model, dancer, singer, musician, comedian, variety performer, or filmmaker, it's becoming increasingly important to have a demo reel available online to show off your skills.

Don't have enough footage for a reel yet? No professional clips to post? Don't worry, there are a lot of solutions available:

You could hire a service that specializes in shooting “moving headshots,” “slates,” or “introduction videos” for actors and performers. Or even just borrow a friend’s camera, use your Web cam, or record yourself with the video camera on your phone. The video doesn’t need to be long or complex.

Even if you don’t have a professional reel available yet, you can still get more attention simply by adding a self-made video of your own to your Backstage profile or casting call.

Keep it Simple:

  1. Just put yourself on tape using any camera you have available.
  2. Make sure the room is quiet (good audio is important!), and ensure that you're nicely lit and framed in the shot.
  3. Then say hello, state your name, and say a few words about yourself or your projects. If you'd like, you could also perform a monologue or sing a song.
  4. Then, upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube. (And add your audio clips to SoundCloud.)
  5. Finally, click the Edit Profile option on, and use the Video and Audio options to quickly add your media to your profile.

Backstage’s profiles now support Vimeo videos, as well as YouTube videos and SoundCloud audio. 

You can enhance your Backstage profile with all sorts of videos, like acting reels, showreels, sizzle reels, audition videos, self-taped monologue/performance videos, and more. 

Statistics prove that actors with reels on their resumes are called in for more auditions!

Add your videos to your Backstage profile today.