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The Backstage website has many tools to help performers:

Casting:  Finding auditions is probably the main reason you signed up for Backstage. Here, search for casting calls in your area that best fit your type, and narrow the search using our powerful search filters. (And save the searches you'll use regularly, and receive an email alert.)  Create your multimedia resume with photos, video and all your credits and training.  You can personalize your resume's URL, and send the link to casting directors, agents or managers.  And much more. For more information, visit

News & Reviews:  Keep up with what's going on in the industry.  Whether you want to know who was just cast the next David O. Russell film, or read a review of the hot new play on Broadway, discover it here. For more info, visit

Resources:  Search our incredible databases for everything you need.  Find a new acting coach or photographer in our Yellow Pages.  With Call Sheet, track down the address for the casting director you met this morning, and send her a follow-up postcard or email. To look through the resources section, visit

Actor 101:  Backstage offers the most comprehensive advice columns for actors on the web.  Look through our catalog of great stories, and learn how to take your career to the next level. For more advice, visit

Actors' Yellow Pages: Backstage offers a terrific resource for actors looking for any variety of services or products.  The Actors' Yellow Pages contains thousands of listings for performers, including headshot photographers, acting schools and coaches, demo reel editors, dance classes, modeling classes, marketing services, and so forth. You can see the full list at

Email Newsletters: In addition to the Casting Alerts, Backstage publishes a daily email newsletter.  The newsletter offers a selection of specially chosen new articles and casting notices.  You will receive the email each morning at approximately 6 a.m./ET.  You can subscribe at

Forums:  With our busy Chat Rooms, compare notes with industry pros and fellow actors on the best ways to approach a casting director, discuss which vocal coaches have the best rates, or just trade fun industry gossip!   You can check out the forums at

RSS Feeds:  If you want Backstage stories sent to your news reader directly, please subscribe to one of the editorial RSS feeds.  You can receive news, reviews or advice. You can subscribe at

Mailing Labels:  Backstage offers the ability to purchase and download a file that is formatted for mailing labels.  Use them to contact casting directors, personal managers and talent agents in New York and Los Angeles.  For more information, visit