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How to get an acting agent is a top concern for many early-career performers.

Effective acting agents are looking for talent who have shown they can book work, know how to present and pitch themselves, and have started to build relationships with casting directors and entertainment industry professionals. Acting agents are looking for talent who have demonstrated they are ready for an acting agent.

Backstage has all the tools and resources you need to show talent agents you're ready. Access the latest casting calls, get notified of new roles, book jobs, build your profile, and show talent agents what you have to offer.

And purpose-built scouting tools make being recruited by an agent on Backstage easier than ever.

“Fill out your profile completely. Don’t skimp. The more complete your profile the better," advises Carly Tatiana Pand┼ża, actor, screenwriter, director, and Backstage user. "I’ve had casting directors, writers, producers, and directors reach out to me directly about roles and submissions before through Backstage.”

Backstage also has the insider info from acting agents, casting directors, and other experts you need to help navigate the entertainment industry and move your acting career forward.

Get experience

Talent agents want you to have experience. Seize every opportunity to get cast in commercials, theater productions, web series, student films, other branded content projects, and more to get experience and build your acting career.

With job postings for all experience levels and project types, Backstage has thousands of new casting calls every day for a wide range of potential opportunities so you can build your acting resume and get to know casting directors and the entertainment industry.

Looking at casting calls and self-submitting for acting jobs on Backstage can also help you understand what casting directors are looking for and get valuable practice auditioning.

Being part of many different kinds of projects like those seeking talent on Backstage not only helps you hone your skills but also gets you seen by a wide variety of industry professionals, allows you to network with other actors (who may be able to connect you to their own acting agencies), and introduces you to different facets of acting, expanding your knowledge of the business.

Get noticed

Backstage’s profile tools are designed to help you stand out to prospective agents, casting directors, and creators using our talent marketplace. Showing you understand what matters to talent agencies and ensuring all your acting marketing materials are in order is crucial to getting the attention of a good talent agent.

Backstage has created new tools to make it easy for talent agencies to scout talent, add them to their rosters, and submit them for roles. Your profile is your number one tool for marketing yourself to scouts.

Take advantage of our profile-building tools to create the most detailed, resource-rich profile possible. A high-impact Backstage profile shows off who you are and everything you have to offer and includes:

  • Headshots, professional photos, and other images you want to use to promote yourself.

  • Up-to-date details about your skills, location, education, union status, credits, and any other relevant attributes. Prospective talent agencies and casting directors may be using filters or keyword searches when looking for new talent, and you never know what they might be looking for.

  • Media assets that show off your skills, such as videos, audio reels, and links to previous projects. Backstage profiles offer unlimited uploads and links to media to ensure a talent agent or casting director has access to and can be inspired by what you have to offer.

Learn the business

Backstage has compiled all the resources you need to answer the questions of how to get an acting agent or manager, how to find acting classes and acting coaches, how to choose headshot photographers, and more.

Call Sheet is Backstage's ultimate online guide to the entertainment industry, featuring all the directories and other resources you need to educate yourself, grow you acting career, and prepare you for getting an acting agent. Find detailed information about almost any facet of the industry, including:

Many of the businesses and resources listed offer services for a fee to actors, so make sure you do your research via Backstage, other entertainment sources, and actor friends and colleagues to find the resources that are the right fit for you.

Get expert advice

Backstage is not just the leading source of casting calls and tools for getting acting jobs, it's the number one source for staying up to date on trends, hearing the latest entertainment industry news, and getting career guidance from experts and industry insiders.

On the topic of how to get an acting agent, Backstage has you covered:

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