How Anna Kendrick Makes You Feel Like Her Best Friend Using Twitter

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Photo Source: Universal Pictures

Welcome to Social Studies, wherein we take a deep dive into actors’ social media practices. What works, what doesn’t, and what should be avoided at all costs? We’re glad you asked, and you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Obviously today the industry pays much of its social media attention to Instagram, and for good reason: Acting is a visual medium and, well, so is Insta. But actors should not turn their noses up at Twitter, especially if they want to brand themselves as comedic (not the same as a comedian, remember). 

One actor who epitomizes the usefulness of Twitter: Anna Kendrick, who these days is known as much for her quippy 240-character thoughts as her performances in the “Pitch Perfect” series. And that’s all because she’s found her Twitter “voice,” that elusive but vital social media brand that’s equal measures funny, authentic, and endearing. And it’s notched her a cool 7.4 million followers

Let’s be real: A little self deprecating “gettin’ real” goes a long way. 

But ragging on oneself can only go so far; Anna’s got some old school Twitter jokes! (Remember, back in the day, when that website was a place where people went to make universal and funny observations? We can return to that magical time—and Miss Kendrick is trying to do so!) 

The reality is, Kendrick hasn’t been the most prolific when it comes to film and television the last couple of years. But she’s stayed top of mind—and in favorable opinion—because she’s constantly reminding the industry of her charm on Twitter. Oh also, she’s poked fun at the very subject of her career, too, and it’s perfect. Be like Anna! 

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