You Should Attend Every Audition. Here’s Why

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Developing an acting career takes time. It’s hard work. There is no such thing as an overnight success. I’ve worked with many famous actors who began their careers as child actors and invested at least ten years before they achieved stardom. What they all had in common was discipline, perseverance, and auditioning as often as possible.

According to Richard Lustig—a seven-time grand prize lottery winner—“You have to play consistently and never miss a drawing in the game you’re playing.” The same thinking applies to auditions: There are hundreds of actors vying for any given role, so the more you audition, the better your chances are. You have to play to win!

Still not convinced all those auditions are worth your time and energy? Here are a few more reasons you should be going to every audition possible.

Your reps work hard to get you appointments.
The most frustrating thing for agents and managers to hear is that you can’t attend an audition. They are working hard to get you appointments for projects that will give you work and propel your career forward—they don’t want to hear excuses.

You’re part of the team, so be a good team player by showing up, being loyal and appreciative. You made the commitment that you want to be an actor and you need to honor that commitment. If you really can’t go because you’re stuck in jury duty or out of town, ask if you can send a video submission. It’s better than not trying.

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Get to know casting directors.
These are the folks who are helping to get you hired. Casting directors want you to succeed, but they also need to get to know you, trust you, and vet you to the directors, producers, network, and studio executives. So the more you get to know casting directors, the more comfortable you’ll feel, which will lead to a better audition.

You may not be right for the role you’re going in for, but if you show up and give a great audition, casting directors will bring you back over and over again for future projects.

Gain experience.
The only way to get experience is to perform every chance you can. Each audition is another experience to learn something about yourself and your craft. Perhaps you’ve been choosing monologues or songs that aren’t working for you anymore. You won’t know until you give it a whirl.

However, if you’re not ready to be auditioning because you still need to hone your craft then don’t audition for the big leagues until you are ready. There are plenty of other opportunities to help you prepare. Smaller roles and student films will give you a chance to practice and get better.

You want this, remember.
No excuses. Just go! If you’re sure that you are clearly the wrong gender or age for the role, you may want to decline. However, keep an open mind. If you have the essence of what they’re looking for, show up and be seen. Casting often makes changes to the original concept based on how auditions go, so remind yourself of what you want: the role, to be a working actor, to fulfill your dream.

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