Here’s What Our Experts Really Think About the 2020 Emmy Nominations

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How refreshing to have award nominations to discuss! In our era of uncertainty around the entertainment industry’s future, the still-scheduled 2020 Emmy Awards ceremony almost reminds us of bygone days when a pandemic wasn’t disrupting careers and lives (almost). 

In this special “In the Envelope” discussion episode, awards editor Jack Smart is joined by our social media specialist Katie Minard and senior staff writer Casey Mink to chat all things Emmy nominations: gut reactions ranging from gratifying to frustrating, Emmy trends both typical and unusual, and just what the Sept. 20 ceremony might have in store for us. 

In addition to looking at recurring patterns in Emmy nominations (from the likelihood of becoming a repeat acting nominee to the “last hurrah” effect of a series finale) and shouting out personal favorite nominees (Sterling K. Brown! “Mrs. America”! Three-time nominee Maya Rudolph!), Smart, Minard, and Mink ponder big questions facing the Television Academy. Will they welcome new streamers Disney+ and Apple TV+ with votes, and how much might Netflix dominate? Should they introduce an ensemble acting category? Could the discussion around gendered categories lead to reanalyzing that fundamental binary?

Join Backstage’s TV-watching experts for a lively, insightful conversation that will help you brush up on your 2020 Emmy Awards at any of the podcast platforms below. And stay tuned for more discussions of industry trends and in-depth interviews with award contenders by subscribing to “In the Envelope.”

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