January 2022 Horoscopes for Actors

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Welcome to 2022! In numerology, last year represented change, while this year represents stability. This year, we can take the uneasiness we have faced and the ways we were forced to adapt in the world and in our lives and find stability and security within ourselves again. It’s time to move forward in ways that are truly meaningful.

We kick off the year with a new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 2. This lunation will have us feeling excited about breaking free of the things that have held us back, and it invites us to be upfront about who we are and what we want. It will be important that we pay attention to key details when it comes to manifesting the future we crave so it can bring us long-term results. 

Jan. 17 brings a full moon in Cancer. This is a great opportunity to set ourselves free from the things that are no longer serving us. It comes with strong supporting energy to make room for major developments and new things to manifest in our lives. Embrace this drive—just be mindful of impulsivity along the way.

Mercury will station retrograde on Jan. 14 in the sign of Aquarius. During this time, we should reflect, reassess, and revise the way we present ourselves when it comes to personal relationships and our place in the world. It’s an important time to think before we speak and make sure that we’re putting ourselves out there with intentionality.

Capricorn season is a great time to focus on our careers, when we build a strong foundation for our goals so we can climb to the top. Aquarius season wants us to take the things we have started to build and find consistency in them. It’s a time to think outside the box, notice what we have, and figure out how we can make that even better—not just for ourselves, but for everyone involved.


There’s so much potential for you to make new discoveries about yourself this month, Capricorn, whether that means engaging in new activities or putting yourself out there in a new way. Now is not the time to hide parts of yourself. You’re resilient and have a reputation for accomplishing what you set out to do. But make sure you’re doing all of it for yourself above anything else; putting yourself first right now will lead to the results you deserve. There are powerful changes coming your way.


A lot will be taking place for you this month, Aquarius. These changes can bring you a new sense of comfort and allow you to make some much-needed innovations in your life. Don’t worry about fitting in at this time. Instead, tap into your confidence, lean into who you truly are, and allow yourself to discover new things about what brings you comfort by being exactly yourself. If you need to have any major conversations this month, be sure to listen to other people’s opinions, just as you would want them to do for you.


The things you have been imagining for yourself for the last several months are about to become more realistic, Pisces. Luck is finally on your side after you’ve felt stuck in certain areas of your life. You now have the motivation to go after what you desire. And it’s not just your dreams that are motivating you—it’s other people’s dreams as well. Because of how uplifted you’re feeling, others will be feeling it, too, and you can help each other get closer to the success you’ve been craving. See, daydreaming does bring results sometimes!


It’s time for you to explore what you truly believe in, Aries; learning this skill is the key to your success. Own what it is that you’re after. You are ready to show everyone that you’re a leader when it comes to your career. If you’re confronted with issues you thought were behind you, try not to feel doubtful. You’re no quitter when something actually matters to you. Have faith in yourself, even if it feels hard.


This is a wonderful time for you to surround yourself with people who have faith in you, Taurus. They can help you see that you’re worthy of everything you’ve been wishing for. What you give to others can very much come back to you. Work alongside these people so you can lift each other up. Embrace who you are and what you want, and be excited about it. All of the changes you have been experiencing are starting to make more sense and can bring you important opportunities.


You like to learn all kinds of things, Gemini. This month asks you to think outside the box and figure out what and whom you actually trust. It’s a wonderful time for you to take a step back, reflect on what your opinions actually mean to you, and revise the way you want to show up in your relationships. There may be some important conversations that need to take place. These interactions can bring in some much-needed ideas that can lead you to new beginnings. Just make sure you’re listening as much as you’re talking.


It’s time for you to make new discoveries about who you are by yourself and within your partnerships with others, Cancer. There are significant opportunities for growth right now that can bring you powerful results, and it starts with finding out exactly how you value yourself. It’s time to care about yourself in the same way that you care about others. If situations or certain people are making you feel held back, pay close attention to what you actually want, and leave behind what doesn’t make you happy. Doing so will help bring you much-needed success.


You’re being asked to take a good look at your day-to-day life, Leo. You have a strong desire to push past the things that have been holding you back, especially since you’ve been learning what you do and don’t want. You’re generally not one to settle, and this month is no different. The change you want has to start with you and how you spend your time. This is a wonderful moment for you to share your ideas with the people who can help you reach your goals.


This is a really important month for you to examine how you take care of yourself both mentally and physically on a daily basis, Virgo. You’re a master when it comes to showing up for others, but it’s time for you to support yourself in the same way. You may find yourself thinking intensely and wanting to get to the bottom of things. The way you think and communicate can bring you new beginnings and help you find answers to the things you’ve been questioning lately. There might be some important conversations that need to be had. These discussions could be with other people or even with yourself.


This is a beautiful moment for you to explore what comfort actually means to you, Libra. Take time for yourself, and imagine what you want your life to look like. Explore where your roots are planted so you can see how much you’ve grown—and how you want to grow even further. Home is where the heart is, and that starts with you. Take a good look around you and figure out what makes you feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Think about how much you value yourself, your space, and the people who are a major part of your life.


This month has the potential to bring major transformation into your life, Scorpio. You’re thinking with even more intensity than usual, and you want to figure things out. If you need to repair something that’s broken or needs attention, communication is key; it will help you get answers. Just be sure that you’re communicating using factual statements rather than opinions so you don’t face the risk of misrepresenting yourself—especially since you hate to be misunderstood when you feel like you’re being extremely clear.


There’s a lot of positivity coming your way when it comes to your comfort, Sagittarius. Allow yourself to explore, and map out a path that can lead you to the abundance you’ve been envisioning. If you find yourself comparing where you are and where you want to be, remember that you’ve been doing your best. Find comfort and security in who you are. Confront any aspects of your life that make you feel like you’re not on the right path, and remember that we’re only scared of things that we actually care about. Trust yourself and your beliefs, and know that you are living your life exactly as intended.

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