A SiriusXM Photo and Video Shoot Needs Talent + More Modeling Jobs

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Photo Source: Ralf Liebhold/Shutterstock

Pursuing a career in modeling and searching for your next audition? You’ve come to the right place. Each week, we sift through our running list of casting calls to find the top modeling jobs that are hiring right now. The best part? Many of these gigs are available nationwide.

Lifestyle Business-to-Business Shoot

Models and background actors of color, aged 22–28, are currently wanted for a B2B photo and video marketing shoot for SiriusXM in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Models must meet height requirements. Talent will work on May 1 in Fort Lauderdale and May 2 in Miami. Pay is $150 for background talent and $1,500 for key talent. 

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Men’s Swimwear Social Photoshoot

Press Studios is currently seeking male models, aged 18–28, for a social media shoot for a swimwear brand. Talent will work in April and May in Los Angeles. Pay is $500 for five hours of work.

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Mopping & Dusting Photo Shoot

Three models, aged 7–36, are wanted to portray a family of three in a photo and video shoot for a mop/handheld duster product. Shoots will take place on May 2–3 in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Pay is $600 with a $50 travel stipend, hair/makeup, lunch, and manicure reimbursement provided.

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Hotel Photo and Video Shoot, Talent, Chicago

Chicago, Illinois-based couples (or actors portraying couples), aged 25–45, are wanted for non-speaking roles in a hotel photo and video shoot. Talent will work on June 17–18 in Chicago, Illinois. Pay is $300–$500 per person or $600–$1,000 per couple.

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Miami Hair Brand

Miami-based hair models, aged 18–40, are wanted for an Ebcusa brand shoot. Work dates are TBD. Pay is $300–$800 for 12 hours of work.

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Athleticwear Brand Paid Photo Shoot

Athletic models, aged 30–45, are wanted for an athleticwear brand photo shoot in San Diego, California. Talent will work on April 23 or 24. Pay is $500.

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Nutra Photoshoot, Models

The supplement brand Nutra is seeking fitness models, aged 18–35, for an upcoming photo shoot in L.A. Pay is $350 for six hours of work.

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Active Lifestyle Shoot for Health and Wellness Company

Truvani is seeking fitness models, aged 25–45, for a lifestyle shoot promoting a new flavor of protein powder. Talent will work in New York City with the date TBD. Pay is $1,000.

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