Model for a Custom Suit Brand Campaign + More Gigs

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Pursuing a career in modeling and searching for your next audition? You’ve come to the right place. Each week, we sift through our running list of casting calls to find the top modeling jobs that are hiring right now. The best part? Most of these gigs are available nationwide, including shoots for Enzo Custom, an electric bike company, and more.

Custom Suit Models

Male models with athletic/fit builds, aged 18–55, are currently wanted for social media and web marketing materials for the Enzo Custom brand. Talent will work in Beverly Hills, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Washington, D.C., New York City; Miami, Florida; or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with preference given to Miami-based talent. Pay is $75 per hour plus a free custom suit.

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Models for Electric Bike Photo/Video Shoot

Espin Bikes, an electric bike company, is seeking models, aged 18–50, for a photo/video shoot. Talent will work in San Rafael, California. Pay is $200.

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YouTube Video

A female model or actor, aged 21–35, is now wanted for a series of social experiment YouTube videos. Filming will take place in Miami. Pay is $30 per hour.

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Sharpie Family / S-Gel Shoot

Newell Brands is seeking talent, aged 18–45, for a still photo shoot for Sharpie. Talent will work on Dec. 2 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Pay is $700 with a $50 travel reimbursement.

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GAF Homeowner Shoot - Lakebay, WA

Models, aged 40–50, are wanted to portray homeowners and contractors in a lifestyle shoot for GAF Roofing. Talent will work on Dec. 6–8 in Lakebay, Washington. The pay is $350.

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Kiehl’s Skin Concerns Photoshoot, Models

Kiehl’s is seeking models, aged 19–70, who have skin concerns, including acne, skin texture, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and more, for a photo shoot that will be used on its website and in-store signage. Shoots will take place on Dec. 8–9 in New York City. Pay is $300 for three hours of work.

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Creative Studio Brand Spot

Models, aged 18–80, are currently wanted for a brand spot for a creative studio that will involve demolishing crystal balls made of different materials. Talent will work in December in Los Angeles. Pay is $250 for two hours of work.

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Crafts Brands Photo and Video Shoot

SocialThinkking is seeking female models, aged 20–35, for a crafts and party brand social media shoot. Talent will work on Dec. 7 in the Miami Beach, Florida, area. Pay is $250

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Holistic Beauty and Skincare Brand, Lifestyle and Product Models

Scale Media is seeking female talent with great skin, aged 60–80, for a holistic skincare product line. Talent will work in L.A. with the date TBD. Pay is $1,000 per day.

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Sunglasses Spec Commercial

Female models of color, aged 18–35, are currently wanted for a sunglasses spec commercial. Talent will work on L.A. between Nov. 28–Dec. 2. Pay is $100 for five hours of work.

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