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Never miss out on an audition again with this roundup of nationwide casting calls. Each week, we update the list to include trending opportunities across the country. If you’re actively searching for auditions and open roles, let this roundup be your go-to guide.

“The Smoker”

Join the cast of “The Smoker,” a short film based on the short story published in Joyland Magazine following Celeste and her three close friends who vacation on an idyllic Greek island and as a love triangle begins to fracture the group, Celeste becomes fixated on a mysterious elderly local woman. Four actors, aged 21–30, are wanted for the lead role of Celeste and the supporting friend group. All roles required the ability to swim. Talent will work during the first week of September in Syros, Greece. Pay is $300–$600 for three days of work with all travel, lodging, and meals provided.

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eCommerce UGC Creator

Automated Retail Commerce is seeking six white content creators, aged 22–30, for remote shoots. Pay is $100–$5,000 depending on the script(s).

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“Dark Distortion”

Under Control Productions is currently seeking talent for “Dark Distortion,” a feature film centered on a group of adult models-turned-thieves who face unintended consequences after stealing a camcorder that houses the spirit of a murdered child. Talent, aged 21–60, are wanted for two lead roles and multiple background roles in the film. Filming will take place on July 8, 14, and 16–18 in Dallas, Texas. Background roles are unpaid. Lead talent will receive $800 with meals and snacks provided.

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Pizza Zoom Prank

Nationwide talent, aged 18–60, is wanted to play copywriters, an art director, and a boss in a Zoom prank shoot. Talent will work remotely. Pay is $250 for three hours of work.

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“Throwing Stones”

Moment Maker Ministries is seeking talent for “Throwing Stones,” a faith-centered feature film. A young female actor, age 13–21, is wanted to play the starring role of Maddy Walker. Talent will work in January 2026 in Orlando, Florida. Pay is $500 for three days of work.

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New Age Productions is seeking talent for “Four,” a feature-length 1990s-set horror film about a group of four friends who go away to a weekend retreat at a wilderness cottage, recording camcorder footage as they go when they are hunted by another group of four masked strangers making a documentary of their own. Actors, aged 18–45, are wanted for leads and supporting roles in the film, which will shoot in early October in Brooklyn, Michigan. Pay is $168 per day for up to 14 days of work with meals, travel, and lodging provided.

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Real Couples For MTV Reality Series

Sharp Entertainment is seeking real U.S.-based couples, aged 18 and older, who have been together for at least one month/no more than three years who are harboring secrets for an episode in an MTV reality series. Initial interviews will be held remotely. Pay is $900–$1,000 for a four-day shoot where talent is based.

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Big Sky Commercial Campaign

Beautiful Destinations is seeking two model couples, aged 25–40, who are comfortable and enjoy outdoor sports and activities for a commercial campaign capturing content for a land developer in Big Sky, Montana. Talent will work on July 10–13 in Big Sky (travel dates: July 9 and 14). Pay is $2,500.

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“The Call”

Join the cast of “The Call,” a sci-fi feature with a planned theatrical release. Actors, aged 18 and older, are wanted for various roles in the film, including leads. Production is also hiring multiple creative and crew positions, including a screenwriter. Talent will work in early to mid-2025 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Pay is $1,500–$3,000 per week for approximately eight weeks of work, with travel and accommodations covered for non-background roles. 

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“A Timeless Romance”

Join the cast of “A Timeless Romance,” a Hallmark-style summer rom-com set in a historic bed and breakfast. Talent, aged 23–35, is wanted for three roles, including the starring roles of Anna and James. Talent will work this summer in Evanston, Illinois. Pay is $200 per day for an estimated nine days of work. 

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“Sundays After Church” Nonunion Production

Cinnamon Brown Entertainment is seeking actors, aged 25 and older, for “Sundays After Church,” a dark melodramatic feature film. Production is also seeking a coordinating producer for the film. Rehearsals will take place on Sept. 23–27, followed by filming on Sept. 30–Oct. 18 in Richmond, Virginia. Pay is $250 per day for 20 days of work.

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“Road To L’Etape Du Tour”

Road To L’Etape Du Tour,” a feature film written and directed by Julia Coulter, is seeking a female actor, age 40–50, for a lead role. Filming will take place in August and September in Boston, Massachusetts. Pay is $261.10 per day.

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“A Grim Descendant”

Join the cast of “A Grim Descendant,” an indie feature film about a controversial young couple that operates the oldest established funeral home in the United States and conceives the Grim Reaper. Two white actors, aged 24–36, are wanted for the starring roles of Viotelphenia and Ridge. Filming will take place in mid-fall in the New England/Massachusetts area. Pay is $150 per day for approximately 20 days of work, with travel and housing expenses covered.

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Casting is underway for “Subclass,” an episodic sci-fi mini-webseries set in the near future that centers on a homeless teen who discovers a sinister plan his genetically enhanced peers have for their school, and realizes he must embrace his flaws to save the world from haunting perfection. Orlando, Florida-based actors, aged 17–50, are wanted for supporting roles. Talent will work in Fort Lauderdale with dates TBD. Pay is $300 per day with meals provided.

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“Kevin’s Last Halloween”

Caught-In-The-Act Pictures is seeking talent for “Kevin’s Last Halloween,” an indie coming-of-age horror parody film that co-stars several of cinema’s most iconic horror characters. Actors, aged 38–75, are wanted for various roles in the film, including the lead roles of Kevin Kraven and Freddy Krueger. Strong physical comedy skills will be required for the leads. Filming will take place in Memphis and Millington, Tennessee, with dates TBD. Pay is $100–$1,500 for up to 12 days of work, with housing and meals provided. Travel fees are negotiable.

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“Blueberry Muffin Baby”

Casting is underway for “Blueberry Muffin Baby,” a gritty coming-of-age feature from Four Eyes Films. Talent, aged 18–25, is wanted for leads and supporting roles. Some nudity and intimate scenes will be required for multiple roles (an intimacy coordinator will be present). Filming will take place in late fall and winter in the Chicagoland area. Pay is $150–$200 for up to 20 days of work. 

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2024 Spring/Summer Model and Brand Ambassador Project

E & C Photography is seeking actors, models, and content creators, aged 12–30, for a Spring/Summer 2024 model and brand ambassador project in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Talent will work between April 15 and Sept. 30. Pay is $300–$900. Additional expenses are TBD.

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“Richland Heights” Season 2

Richland Heights,” a faith-based scripted series from Kingdom Salvation Films, is seeking actors, aged 18 and older, for various roles, including leads. Work dates are TBD. Pay is $100–$500 for up to two days of work, with travel, meals, and out-of-state accommodations provided.

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