2 Industry Pros on What to Remember for Your Next Zoom or Skype Audition

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Q: What should I remember when preparing for a remote audition over Zoom or Skype?

“It’s critical to be aware that when you’re on, you’re always on. The casting director and everyone else sitting in on your audition are watching you all the time. These auditions are not casual events. They are, in essence, live performances where your talent is being assessed—and so is your behavior. Remember, too, that unless your mic is on mute, we can hear everything going on around you: a loud neighbor, a barking dog, music from your Alexa in the other room. Everything that isn’t 100% about you distracts from your potential.” Brad Lemack

“No matter how small it may be, it’s important to have a space dedicated to auditioning. It’s hard to be the sharp, creative professional you need to be to book the job if you’re sitting on your couch or lying on your bed. Make this area exclusively for preparing your auditions and doing other creative work. One of the advantages of online auditioning is that no one can see you in the waiting area. Don’t just sit there staring at the screen, waiting your turn and getting stressed out. Move your body in energetic and fun ways. And remember to breathe, be silly, and be free so that when the casting director appears on your screen, you’re lit up, happy, relaxed, alert, and ready to blow them away. And when you’re greeting each other, be sure to really pay attention and listen to them. It’s harder to feel a connection to a person on a screen. Be easy, direct, and conversational. Let them know through your connection with them that they are in good hands and they can relax and really take you in.” Craig Wallace

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Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace is the creator and award-winning teacher of the Wallace Audition Technique, an audition preparation system that he developed based on his years of experience as a studio executive, talent agent, and casting consultant.
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Brad Lemack
Brad Lemack is a Los Angeles-based talent manager, educator, career coach, and author. He established Lemack & Company Talent Management in 1982. The company specializes in the career development of new and emerging artists and the brand maintenance and career enhancement of legacy artists and working actors. He also teaches The Business of Acting at the Emerson College Los Angeles Campus. His latest book is The New Business of Acting: The Next Edition.
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