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Instead of whiling away the hours doomscrolling, why not spend your tech time using the best mobile apps to learn lines, stay organized, and book more auditions? Here are 24 apps for actors that will help you do just that.


Apps for learning lines

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  • ColdRead encourages you to rehearse lines, all while acting as your reader. This line-learning app can help cut down the time and effort required to memorize lines for a performance—and even make it fun. The built-in teleprompter helps you learn lines quickly until you’re off-book.
  • My Lines lets you have your script with you on a mobile device anytime, anywhere. You can run through and memorize your lines without a scene partner, by either looking at or listening to the script. You can also see or hear cue lines when you’re ready to be off-book. 
  • Run Lines With Me is another great option to help you learn lines with startling efficiency. Simply tap and hold during the first read-through to indicate your lines, and then you’re good to go. 
  • Rehearsal Pro is perhaps the most well-known of all the apps to help you memorize your lines. You can record your lines and play them back, watching the script scroll by like a teleprompter, or you can even put your lines in “blackout mode” to test yourself. The app works with short audition sides and feature-length scripts, and is useful for actors in theater, commercials, voiceover, television, and film.
  • Scene Partner helps you rehearse lines using your own script or allows you to choose an e-Script from Music Theatre International, Samuel French, or Dramatists Play Service. You can hear your lines on your phone or tablet using the male and female voices provided or by downloading additional voices for more variety.

Apps that read scripts aloud

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  • Tableread is a free, easy-to-use film and television app that allows you to read and listen to scripts, screenplays, and teleplays on mobile. Simply import a professionally formatted script in PDF form and listen. The Pro version of the app allows you to listen to scripts read by over 45 character voices and add a soundtrack from a library of genre-specific scores.
  • Speechify lets you upload hard or digital copies of screenplays that it then transforms into customizable speech. If you want to hear a script read by Snoop Dogg or Gwyneth Paltrow, this is the text-to-speech app for you.
  • ReadAloud is one of the most used text-to-speech apps for a reason. It allows you to assign voices to roles, control speech pace and pitch, record your own voice, and share content quickly and easily through its clipboard monitor.

Apps for acting auditions

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  • AuditionCal helps you track and organize auditions and events such as networking opportunities, workshops, and agent and manager meetings. The app includes a searchable database, a data email export function, a calendar view with notifications and reminders, and photo uploading. AuditionCal will help you stay organized right from the convenience of your phone.
  • WeAudition gives you instant access to a rehearsal partner through video chat to help you run your lines. The app will notify thousands of readers, actors, and coaches when you’re ready to work on your scene. WeAudition makes running lines and making self-tapes simple, especially for those last-minute auditions.
  • Backstage Casting is the easiest way to find and apply to casting calls and auditions on-the-go. Set up a profile and save searches for the types of roles you’re interested in, and the app will let you know when something that matches your profile is casting. From there you can apply and get audition details and rehearsal dates—all the important info to launch your career!

Social media apps

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  • TikTok can be used by actors to find a fan base, showcase creativity, and make a mini portfolio. Try an #actingchallenge to connect with agents and casting directors.
  • Facebook has been around for what feels like forever, but the app’s newer Reels function offers a unique opportunity to go viral—and maybe even make some money doing it.
  • Instagram provides the chance to get your face out there like no other social media app. Actor accounts that include a mix of work and personal photos tend to be a hit with casting directors.

Social media apps are effective networking and relationship-building tools for your acting career. Not sure which app is right for you? Check out our guide to what social media an actor needs.

Apps for headshots and self-tapes

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  • MyHeadshots Professional lets you edit photos, résumés, and comp cards from your phone. It’s especially useful for child actors since a child’s look changes so quickly as they grow. You can crop, edit, and add your name or a border to any photo on your phone or tablet, creating a professional-looking shot whenever you need one. This app makes getting an up-to-date headshot a snap.
  • Slatable makes the often daunting task of self-taping simple. The app automates the technical process so you can focus on your performance without the need for tricky editing software or even a computer. Slatable also automates professional title cards and smooth transitions between each scene.
  • My Selftape App provides recording, editing, and encoding services, all within one intuitive app. You can make your own actor profile and e-slate. With just a pay-per-use fee and a little bit of time, you can send off your perfectly edited self-tape.
  • Scenebot is a comprehensive app that lets you virtually rehearse with stars and train with industry professionals. You can even record self-taped auditions and receive feedback before sending them out to CDs.

While not apps (yet), programs that use artificial intelligence, such as HeadshotPro, allow you to harness the power of AI to capture your image—just keep in mind that the best acting photos showcase the way you look in real life.

Apps for acting research


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  • IMDbPro: An IMDbPro account lets you research who is involved with which projects, customize your actor profile, add credits, and edit the content seen by creatives.
  • Shakespeare Pro includes the complete works of William Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets, and six poems, including “doubtful” works) as well as detailed scene breakdowns, character descriptions, and glossaries. It’s an essential app for any classical actor.

Apps for actor-writers

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  • Storyist helps actor-writers who need to produce submission-ready manuscripts and screenplays. The app comes with manuscript and screenplay templates (so you can focus on writing instead of formatting), the ability to work with both Final Draft FDX and Fountain script formats, and multiple cloud storage options.
  • Final Draft is renowned for its top-of-the-line screenwriting software and educational resources. From script pagination to template formatting, this software has helped many an actor-writer take scripts from a mere idea all the way to a feature film.

Improv apps

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  • Instant Improv offers suggestions for on-the-spot play. The app also offers games and tips to improve your improv.
  • StoryLine is an improvisational game for two to four people. It asks you to create short stories that include randomly generated words. You can speed up and slow down the pace, change the amount and difficulty level of words, and even record and share your stories, all from the app’s hub.
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