February 2022 Horoscopes for Actors

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February brings us the gift of saying goodbye to retrograde season; Mercury stationed direct on Feb. 3. This means that we are retrograde-free until April. Retrogrades have a lot of value; they give us much-needed time to reflect, revise, and refocus. The last few months have been important but also intense, and they’ve presented us with an overwhelming amount of information to consider. Now it’s time to really focus on what everything we’ve learned and experienced really means; we get to carry ourselves forward into a more valuable lifestyle. 

The full moon in Leo on Feb. 16 will bring our desires to the forefront. It’s asking us to be excited about moving away from the things that aren’t serving us anymore or are holding us back. This can feel really exciting, but there’s also a sense of urgency to this energy. Be careful about impatient feelings that may come to the surface.

Aquarius season is the perfect time for us to envision a future for ourselves that we couldn’t necessarily imagine before. Take the foundation you built and make it stronger. Starting Feb. 18, Pisces season will ask us to lead with the wisdom we obtained over time and dream big. It wants us to feel deeply and be passionate about going after what we desire most—and to live with purpose.


This month provides you with a clear head that can help carry you far in your career, Aries. Trying new things, connecting with new people, and putting yourself out there can bring you new opportunities. Tap into your go-getter energy, and have the courage to show yourself off in ways that you felt like you couldn’t before. The impressions you make will take you far, and you will get exactly the attention you deserve. Don’t be shy. Just make sure you don’t get wrapped up in your ego along the way.


This is a fantastic month to take a leap of faith when it comes to the things you believe in, Taurus. You have the potential to make changes that align with your wishes. Don’t be afraid to be bold when it comes to your networking community. These people can help you problem-solve, leading you to new ideas that will usher you into your future. Believe in yourself, your imagination, and other people’s input. Go after what feels right.


You’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the resources you share with others and how they impact you, Gemini. You might need to have intense conversations to help you find the missing pieces of a puzzle you’ve been trying to solve. You’re assertive with your ideas this month, but it’s important to learn to adapt to other people’s opinions. Don’t be so fixated on your own viewpoint that you don’t listen to what others bring to the table. New ideas can lead to new inspirations.


This is an excellent month for connecting with others in a new way, Cancer. Do something different, and break free from the norm. Your imagination is stimulated; use that to your advantage. Share your ideas with others, and see what opportunities it can bring your way. You have strong desires, and you’re in the mood to make positive, exciting changes. As long as you stay realistic along the way, your wants, needs, and sense of stability will shift in your favor. Own what you’re looking for, and embrace the changes this intentionality can bring.


You are brave and courageous, and your desires are strong right now, Leo. This month is a good time to tie up loose ends on unfinished projects or even start a new one. Allow yourself to dream up fresh ideas with others, and see how the process helps you set goals that can take you to a new level. Get excited about the changes ahead of you. Just be mindful that you don’t allow yourself to become impatient while you wait for everything to come to fruition. When you work with partners, success takes time. Trust the process.


You’re in a great position to get your point across this month, Virgo. You have a very active mentality that can help you persuade the right people. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, but also be cautious that you stay flexible when it comes to the outcome of your ideas. Instead of trying to control the way things will turn out, be playful and have fun along the way.


You have a greater understanding of what makes you feel safe and secure, Libra. Now is the time to take all of the things you figured out for yourself over the last couple of months and start revising. If you seek approval this month, make sure it’s aligned with your needs, and remember that the best approval you can get is from yourself. Tap into your imagination, allow yourself to daydream, and take the time to enjoy some art. All of these things can help bring you new ideas.


You’re feeling excited about where you’re heading, and you’re ready to break free from the things that have been holding you back, Scorpio. You have a clear view of your goals, and you’ll find many opportunities on the way to achieving them. Talk about your ideas with others. Bringing your plans to someone who can help carry you to the finish line is ideal. Do your best to be open-minded so you don’t risk missing out on important insights.


You’re feeling optimistic but also aware of your own limitations, Sagittarius. When you think about your future, imagine what value and worth mean to you. Envision what kind of success you are working toward and what kind of results you want to see. Don’t shy away from presenting objectives outside of the normal. Tell people about your visions; show them that your problem-solving skills are powerful.


Now is a good time for having conversations that will bring you the opportunities of your dreams, Capricorn. You know your worth, you are aligned with your values, and you’re ready to take on new responsibilities that will bring you long-term results. Change it up, but make sure the actions you’re taking aren’t risky. All the things you have been craving are starting to become reality, and you’re willing to put in the hard work you need to get there. Go for it!


Happy birthday, Aquarius! This is a great month for owning who you are. You’re feeling excited and ready to innovate where you see fit. You’ll be surprised how many doors open for you. The encounters you have this month could bring you positive outcomes as long as you are malleable. Think of all the necessary changes you could implement and how they can inspire you even more.


There are many things on the horizon for you this month, Pisces. It’s time to make positive changes that can help you work toward your hopes and wishes. You are aligned with what you want; share that with the people in your network, and tackle problems when necessary. Allow new insights to come through, and appreciate how collaboration can help you shift your goals for the long run.

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