What to Do If You Get Sick During a Gig + More From the Backstage Forums

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Getting sick?
“I just got hit hard with the flu. Fortunately, I didn't have any gig this week, but wondering if anyone out there has had experience with having to do a role while ill. And how did it go? I think the best solution is to not do it, stay home and rest, but if it's something you have to do, like have already shot a day on, and they can’t reschedule all the moving parts involved in a production.” —Brent

Online classes?

“After dipping my toes in the acting waters this past fall, I’m going to wade a little deeper this year. I live outside of the major markets in a small city of about 65,000. The acting classes, particularly for beginners, are very limited. I can travel a bit, but even then, Atlanta or Nashville are the largest areas around me and are 4+ hrs away. So, as a complete beginner with no training, are there any online classes or training videos you’d recommend to really help me learn the basics?” —Play1inthemovies

[Office Hours] feat. Comedy Expert, Author, and Instructor, Steve Kaplan:

Renowned comedy expert and instructor Steve Kaplan was on the Backstage Community forums last week sharing helpful advice for current and aspiring comics!

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