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To paraphrase Moira Rose of “Schitt’s Creek,” it’s now time for our favorite season: awards. The 2019–20 film and guilds season, unofficially launched in the wake of the film festivals at Venice, Telluride, and Toronto, begins in earnest this month. Nominators and voters for the Screen Actors Guild, Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and more are seeing and contemplating the best filmmaking 2019 has to offer. Due to last year’s announcement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences that this season’s Oscar ceremony will take place unusually early, on Feb. 9, the condensed timeline means accolades will begin arriving at a dizzying pace. 

And as Hollywood readies to honor its best and brightest with its best and brightest trophies, Backstage will be there to answer those burning questions: Which projects and performances are in the conversation? Who will win those coveted little gold men? And which of the industry’s many awards ceremonies should we be keeping an eye on?

In response to that last question, we’ve rounded up the most important awards season dates for your calendar. Check out the list below and follow along with us!

October 2019
Oct. 24 – Gotham Award nominations announcement
Oct. 27 – Governors Awards

November 2019
Nov. 14–Dec. 8 – Screen Actors Guild Award nomination phase
Nov. 21 – Film Independent Spirit Award nominations announcement

December 2019
TBA – 22nd annual British Independent Film Awards
TBA – Critics’ Choice Award nominations announcement
Dec. 2 – 29th annual Gotham Awards
Dec. 3 – National Board of Review Awards honorees announcement
Dec. 4 – American Film Institute Awards honorees announcement
Dec. 5 – Writers Guild of America television award nominations announcement
Dec. 9 – Golden Globe Award nominations announcement
Dec. 11 – Screen Actors Guild Award nominations announcement
Dec. 17–Jan. 17 – Screen Actors Guild Award voting phase

January 2020
Jan. 2–7 – Academy Award nomination phase
Jan. 2 – Artios Awards film nominations announcement
Jan. 3 – AFI Awards
Jan. 5 – 77th annual Golden Globe Awards
Jan. 6 – Writers Guild of America film award nominations announcement
Jan. 6 – Directors Guild of America television award nominations announcement
Jan. 7 – Directors Guild of America film award nominations announcement
Jan. 7 – Producers Guild of America film and television award nominations announcement
Jan. 8 – National Board of Review Awards
Jan. 9 – British Academy Film Award nominations announcement
Jan. 12 – 25th annual Critics’ Choice Awards
Jan. 13 – Academy Award nominations announcement
Jan. 18 – 31st annual PGA Awards
Jan. 19 – 26th annual SAG Awards
Jan. 25 – 72nd annual DGA Film Awards
Jan. 30 – 35th annual Artios Awards
Jan. 30–Feb. 4 – Academy Award voting phase

February 2020
Feb. 1 – 72nd annual WGA Awards
Feb. 2 – 73rd annual BAFTA Film Awards
Feb. 8 – 35th annual Film Independent Spirit Awards
Feb. 9 – 92nd annual Academy Awards

This calendar has been updated as of Oct. 4, 2019.

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