Dressing the Part for Auditions: How Much Is Too Much?

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Dressing the part for auditions. How much is too much?
Just curious about people’s opinions: When showing up for an audition—specifically for an appointment for a ROLE—is it overkill to dress the part? Especially if it’s a role you’ve played before and [for which] you understand her style (obviously, realizing every director could have his/her own idea of that character/show)? 

“Just curious! If anyone has any specific insights…” —Tinydancer714

Commercial VS. TV bookings? 
Can someone explain the differences between the commercial and TV show casting and booking process?” —LittleButFierce

I just started getting the ball rolling on my taxes. It’s looking like around 1/3 of my total income came from acting. (NICE!) Looking at that portion specifically, I noticed I didn’t pay much or any federal taxes on a lot of my W2s, thus outweighing the refund I would’ve otherwise had from my day job. I’m nowhere near done, so I haven’t factored in deductions like BS/AA/CN subscriptions or clothes I ended up wearing for the acting work I was in, the interest payments on my student loan, AEA initiation/dues, etc. to get a clear picture on how much I’m going to end up owing.

“Regarding my W2s specifically, am I just putting blame on the tax bill passed in 2018 thanks to the president (insert middle finger here)? Since I’m a relatively new AEA member, I suppose it would behoove me to seek out the services of VITA to see if I can mitigate the financial bloodletting I may incur come April 15?” —TheAmasian1

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