ITV Is Casting a Poison Rockumentary + More Roles for UK Actors

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Photo Source: YouTube. Pictured – Poison

These screen, stage, and voice projects need talent in the UK right now, so sharpen your self-taping and audition skills and get busy. 

Docu-drama casting male lookalike roles
Get your hairspray out, boys: casting researcher Carla Hernandez is casting an episode of Breaking the Band, a one-hour documentary by ITV for Reelz USA, combining high-end stylised drama reconstruction, extensive archive, and contributor interviews. This time, the series follows rock band Poison, and the team are casting lookalike performers for the members. All roles are for male performers with playing ages 25–40 and white. Actors with the ability to play an instrument are preferred. The project shoots TBD in London and roles are paid between £110–£400 per day. The team are seeking performers based in London. Head to the casting notice for a detailed breakdown and to apply now.

Short film casting two Black female roles
Actor and filmmaker Charlotte Couture is casting short film Care and seeking one lead and one supporting female actor. Following 19-year-old Alicia, who cares for her younger sister, the film sees both girls seeking to escape their everyday lives, but feeling the pull of family duty. Alicia is female, playing ages 18–21 and Black or mixed race. Resilient but also fragile, she’s burning to escape. Younger sister Ruby is female, playing ages 17–20 and Black or mixed race. With a fiery temper, Ruby is unstable and unable to care for herself. Both characters have grown up in Bromley, south London. Care shoots November 2020, exact dates TBC, in London and roles are paid £200. The team are seeking performers based in London. Check out the casting notice for more information and to apply now. 

Edinburgh short film casting local actors
Short film Bellevue News follows the owners of a corner shop who concoct a plan to ruin the CEO of a supermarket chain and put him out of business. Lead role Daisy is female, playing age 50–70, and of any ethnicity – she’s the mastermind behind the plan to protect her grocery shop. With sly humour, she’s also an “old dear” that makes for an unassuming scammer. Craig is male, playing ages 30–45, and any ethnicity – he’s a charming salesman and the mouthpiece of the scam. Stella is female, playing ages 20–30, and any ethnicity. The star employee of the corner shop, she’s anti-capitalist, calm under pressure, but always up for a laugh. Check out the full breakdowns and more roles at the casting notice, where you can also apply. The project rehearses and shoots in Edinburgh from 28 September to 11 October. Roles are paid a stipend of £50 per day, plus expenses within Scotland’s central belt. The team are seeking actors based in Edinburgh.

Diverse short film casting in London
Short film Flicker tackles the experience of loneliness in the life of a recent immigrant to London. Following a young woman arriving in the city, the film aims to put the audience into her shoes. Lead role Andrea is female, playing age 25–30, and Latino/Hispanic – a woman from a lower-class family, arriving in London for work. Emilia is female, playing age 25–30, and any ethnicity. Born and raised in London, she’s from a traditional and conservative family and can sometimes be oblivious to the different realities of people from other backgrounds. Jim is male, playing ages 25–30, and any ethnicity. A successful lawyer, he’s not sympathetic to other peoples’ struggles. Ewan is male, playing age 22–30 and any ethnicity – he’s a free spirit, open-minded and encouraging. The film shoots 10–16 October in London and is paid professionally. The team are seeking performers based in London. Check out the casting notice for more details and to apply now.

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