Is Backstage Worth the Money?

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For more than 60 years, Backstage has been a respected industry publication and the best-known and most trusted platform for connecting actors, performers, models, and other creative talent with jobs, casting news, industry trends, and casting directors, producers, and other entertainment professionals.

If you are serious about pursuing a career in the creative arts, Backstage is worth investing in to pursue job opportunities, get valuable experience, and take your career to the next level.

A Backstage membership gives you access to:

  • The latest casting calls
    With a Backstage subscription, you get access to thousands of casting notices for TV shows, movies, commercials, theater productions, and more across the United States and around the world. Casting agents, directors, and producers post their acting jobs on Backstage because talent seekers like them have relied on the platform for casting actors and other performers for more than six decades.

  • A highly customized profile
    With a Backstage subscription, you can create a highly customized and discoverable profile that highlights your skills, experience, attributes, credits, and more, making it easier for casting directors and other industry professionals to find you. Your media-rich profile is a valuable tool for getting noticed and being able to quickly apply to the latest jobs in our casting database.

  • Professional networking
    Backstage is a trusted name with deep roots in the entertainment industry. A Backstage membership connects you with other professionals in your fieldfrom those working in major production companies to those leading indie projects and student filmsoffering leads on new opportunities and collaborations to build your resume and advance your career.

  • Industry resources and news
    Call Sheet is Backstage's comprehensive online guide to the entertainment industry, featuring all the directories and other resources you need to educate yourself and grow you acting career. Backstage also offers a range of resources to help you stay informed of industry trends, including expert-written articles, advice columns, industry interviews, and tips on auditioning, getting an agent, and developing your acting skills.

Who uses Backstage?

Backstage’s marketplace is designed to showcase talent of all kinds and attract employers of all types. On average a new job is posted on Backstage every four minutes!

Casting services, directors, producers, major networks and brands, and other creators use our talent marketplace to hire:

  • Actors

  • Models

  • Voiceover artists

  • Production assistants and specialists of all kinds

  • Creative freelancers

  • Theater performers

  • Influencers

  • UGC creators and real people

What jobs can you find on Backstage?

On any given day, Backstage has tens of thousands of active casting calls for actors and other performers.

But Backstage is not just the place for getting acting jobs. Our talent marketplace has jobs for a wide variety of creatives.

Want to get experience in voiceover work? Creating social media ads? Modeling gigs? Want to break into video editing, sound mixing, or some other specialty? We have a path for all those pursuits, too.

We host casting notices and job opportunities across many mediums and help people find on-camera and behind-the-scenes roles in:

  • Film

  • Television

  • Theater

  • Broadcast, social media, and other advertising

  • Music videos

  • Indie projects

  • Student films

  • Video game production

  • E-learning courses 

And Backstage is the best platform for finding opportunities across the world. With many new jobs looking to hire talent on a national or global scale, you can find gigs in or near your location. With more remote jobs than ever before, you have more options than ever for working from your home or studio. 

Who gets jobs on Backstage?

Many familiar Hollywood faces who once felt like just another auditioning actor cite Backstage with helping start their careers. Backstage users of all kinds are cast every day as actors, voice artists, content creators, and more through the platform.

Read what celebrities like Chris Evans, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, Patrick Wilson, and other seasoned veterans of the industry have to say about how Backstage has been instrumental to their careerssometimes a first job, sometimes the sought-after big breakand the most recent stories from real working actors in Backstage's #IGotCast series.

Does Backstage have opportunities for everyone?

Backstage has casting calls and jobs for every type of performer and creatorfrom leads to background actors, from camera operators to wardrobe and makeup artists, from aspiring new performers to someone looking for a side hustle or second career in the arts.

And Backstage has intentionally designed its profile and search tools to promote a more diverse talent marketplace. Backstage has taken steps to make casting and hiring more diverse, equitable, and inclusive because there is no question positive depictions through the arts and popular media help reduce stereotypes of underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Backstage creates a more diverse talent marketplace by ensuring talent can accurately identify themselves by ethnicity, gender expression, body type, different abilities, and other keywords to make them more discoverable by employers.

Backstage wants skilled performers to be able to promote exactly who they are, be discoverable by talent seekers, and improve access to talent that might otherwise continue to be overlooked.

How do I know if a casting call is real?

Every job that gets posted on Backstage is screened by our team of experienced casting professionals in an effort to ensure validity and protect users from scams and untrustworthy offers. Backstage has spent decades providing a trusted environment for creative job seekers to pursue their dreams.

No matter where you find your casting notices, know that being asked to pay for an audition is against the law. With Backstage, you can trust our marketplace job posters to be the real thing.

Why should I trust Backstage?

Backstage is a legitimate company invested in connecting creatives with legitimate career opportunities. We have spent decades earning our first-rate reputation in the performing arts community.

For Backstage members, membership covers everything. From posting unlimited media to your profile to qualifying for roles, other casting platforms include hidden fees. Backstage wants its actors to land auditions, succeed in roles, and grow their careers, so you can post an unlimited quantity of media, apply to as many roles as you want, and have full access to all of our expert resourcesand never for any extra charge.

Backstage has earned the trust of millions of users:

  • receives more than half a million visitors each week.

  • Hundreds of thousands of creatives are active Backstage members, with more each day.

  • Members apply to tens of thousands of roles every day.

Backstage is a talent community that offers the most talent and the most talent opportunities. More employers post jobs on Backstage than any other creative talent marketplace.

Find your next gig today

Backstage is the go-to resource for actors, performers, and creatives of all kinds to find jobs, establish their brand, build their portfolio, and connect with key industry players.

Joining Backstage is worth the investment if you are looking to break into the entertainment industry or are already a part of it and looking for new opportunities.

If you're ready to start, there’s a good chance someone on Backstage needs your help right now. Find out for yourself!

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