Actor Websites: When It’s Time to Invest in Yours

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Q: At what point should I invest in a website? I’ve had a few people tell me I should have one, but since I’m really just getting started, I’m not sure if it’ll be useful at the moment. Should I wait? How will a website help? What should mine include to make me stand out? @TheaterNerd, Backstage Community Forums

Great questions! A professional working actor needs a website. It’s a hub for your social media, IMDb, and casting profiles, and a great place for people to contact you.

But if you’re just starting out, consider investing in acting classes and excellent headshots before spending your time and money on a website. Great photos can be the key to a professional-looking website, so creating one without them may be a waste of time.

It’s not “one website fits all,” but I do suggest all actors purchase the URL for your name if it’s available. It doesn’t cost much and you’ll have it when you need it. You can always redirect this URL to your IMDb page, YouTube channel, or a casting profile until you have your website set up.

You can start small by creating a basic, professional-looking single-page site and upgrading your website as your career grows. Some inexpensive or free website options for actors are a simple page, a Talentboom profile, or a website from Wix also has template options specifically for actors. When you’re ready to expand, you can work with designers to customize a site based on your specific career needs.

To stand out from other actors, spend time crafting an awesome About Me page that tells your story. When people visit your site, they’re wondering if they’ll like you and your work. Your goal is to connect with them and help them believe in what you’re doing. Writing your bio in the first person will help. It’s more personal and makes visitors feel you’re talking to them.

One more tip for website photos: Next time you take headshots, ask the photographer to take some landscape shots, as this orientation often works better than portrait for the main photo on your website.

Your website is part of your first impression as an actor, so throwing one together just because someone said, “You need a website” isn’t wise. Make sure the quality of your website reflects the talented, professional actor you are.

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