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As with regular acting agencies, the landscape of voice acting agencies is varied, and figuring out the right one for you is a complicated task. From which agents are behind the glossy websites to who they represent and why, we’ve charted the way through London’s many voice agencies and looked at what might suit performers from a variety of backgrounds and with different levels of experience. With a focus on independent agencies that specialise in voice, here is our list of the 10 London voice agencies you need to know.


The Joneses

The Joneses

The breakdown: Established without being stuffy, well-stocked but still picky, the Joneses is a top-tier agency for both recognisable and fresh voices, with a specialism in characterful, interesting performers and comedians. 

Everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses. Established in 2002, it’s nowhere near the oldest voice agency on this list, but its roster of talent would make any agent envious and any performer happy to be counted among their artists. 

Big names like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Adeel Akhtar, and Martin Compston are represented by the agency, so you’d be forgiven for thinking this agency is all about screen talent. But a deeper search of its clientele shows that theatre heavyweights like Arinzé Kene, Jonjo O’Neill, and Ellie Kendrick have received equal billing alongside comedians like London Hughes and Lolly Adefope as well as a sprinkling of newcomers. 

With a few hundred actors, comedians, presenters, and all-round performers of “extraordinary talent,” the Joneses can’t be called small or boutique. Then again, most top voice agencies count their client list in the hundreds. What really sets the Joneses apart is that its books are significantly more diverse than most, both in terms of background and skills. Mercury Award–winning rapper Speech Debelle is a client, as are Chabuddy G creator Asim Chaudhry and Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Jordan Brookes.

Run by agent Laura Milne, one of the most renowned voiceover agents in London, this is the best place for what the agency calls “distinct and characterful” voices. “Currently, producers are looking for different sounds, a break from the usual. If you’ve got a rasp, a lisp, a crazy amount of gravitas, or a unique tone, that’s worth pushing rather than refining it away,” Milne said

Submissions: If you have good comic timing and a unique sound or skill, this is a superb agency to aim for. You’ll need some track record or training to join its books, so if you’re just starting out, it might be best to look elsewhere.



The breakdown: A large and respected voice agency with a fair share of recognisable names among its artists, Hobsons also caters to young voices and international clients. Hobsons is a full-service agency with studio facilities in west London and an industry-leading team that matches voices to clients’ needs. 

Representing hundreds of artists, Hobsons is one of the larger voiceover agencies in London—and its scale is matched by its wealth of talent, including top names like Martin Freeman, David Walliams, and Cush Jumbo. Top Audible narrator Aoife McMahon is on the books, as are a host of actors and voiceover artists with decades of experience across commercials, documentary narration, and audiobooks. 

Its size, along with the fact that it has a recording studio in west London, means it offers clients a full-service package of casting, recording, and delivering audio. The team of agents looks after young voices as well as international voices. Size, speed, skill, and variety make Hobsons a no-brainer for busy clients, which is perhaps why the agency has been around since agencies were delivering voice reels on cassette tapes.  

Submissions: Importantly, Hobsons is approachable and always on the lookout for new talent, with voice artists able to submit their reels and biographies via email year-round.

Harvey Voices

Harvey Voices

The breakdown: Led by London voice agent Emma Harvey, this respected and approachable mid-scale agency has a diverse client list featuring a mix of voices, from actors to voiceover artists and DJs. 

Set up in 2006 and featuring around 230 artists on its books, Harvey Voices is a solid mid-scale agency with a busy client list. It’s home to a variety of actors, voiceover artists, presenters, and DJs, including top theatre and screen talent like Kate Fleetwood.

Harvey Voices specalises in video-game voice work, with artists like Amelia Tyler regularly popping up in blockbuster franchises such as “Baldur’s Gate” and “Pathfinder.” 

“Personality is key, as is a natural and confident delivery,” advised Harvey. “The cliche ‘just be yourself’ is apt—you don’t have to be able to do a hundred different voices or accents, and you don’t need to be able to mimic anyone else—just do the best you can.”

Submissions: Harvey’s submissions are periodically closed in order to focus on existing artists. However, the agency would be a good fit for performers who are aiming to build on their acting career with voice work and want a friendly and committed voiceover agency to be their home. 

Yakety Yak

Yakety Yak

The breakdown: Yakety Yak is an independent, diverse, and respected agency with a healthy mix of top names, legends, and new talent. Plenty of singular and characterful voices prove this agency isn’t afraid of risk-taking and originality. 

The agency’s growing client list sets the tone of this modern and independent voiceover agency. Founder and managing director Jolie Williams regularly adds rising stars like Rose Williams and Paapa Essiedu to an already impressive list that includes Ewan McGregor, Adrian Lester, Billie Piper, Romola Garai, and Rebecca Front. 

While the roster is full of recognisable faces, there are plenty of voices you might recognise too, including Phil Cornwell, the voice of Murdoc from Gorillaz, and Rupert Degas, the “Jim Carrey of voices.”  

“Yakety Yak is an open-minded agency with a good mix of agents, from young to mature, experienced to up-and-coming,” said Williams. “This creates fresh, exciting, and sometimes radical ideas on casting.”

Submissions: The mix of exciting and established actors means you’ll need an impressive CV or a truly unique voice to be added to their books, though the team does accept and listen to submissions.

Just Voices

Just Voices

The breakdown: Founded and run by a certified rock star, this boutique voiceover agency is a good bet for experienced actors looking to build voice work—but might not be the right fit for younger UK actors. 

Just Voices’ Leigh Matty (agent by day, singer with Romeo’s Daughter by night) says she founded the company because the industry was missing an agency that repped fewer artists but of very high quality. She’s certainly filled that gap in the market, and Just Voices is stocked with respected actors from stage and screen lending their vocal cords to all aspects of the audio industry. Top artists include Graham Norton, Ruth Jones, and the prolific voice actor David Holt. 

Submissions: Unlike some other agencies in this list, there isn’t a focus on younger talent or the diversity of skills and backgrounds. However, if you’re a seasoned actor with plenty of previous experience, then Just Voices is a strong bet. They do take submissions, but be aware that you’ll need professional experience as well as a high-quality voice reel. 

Soho Voices

Soho Voices

The breakdown: A serious industry presence that hires voices instead of names, this agency is for unique performers and artists who want to build a long-lasting career out of their cords.

Soho Voices is a small-ish voice agency that boasts one of London’s best-equipped audio studios and (as if you couldn’t guess these guys are serious about audio) the first Dolby Atmos–certified studio in the world.  

The agency is owned and run by Peter Morris, who specialises in voice casting for features, TV series, games, and commercials across the world.

Soho Voices has a varied collection of performers on its roster, including the largest selection of American voices in London and a division just for children. Although you might not have heard of their talent, you’ll definitely have heard them in action, including in-demand and award-winning VO artists Joanna Eliot, Alexia Kombou, and Benjamin Noble. 

Submissions: If you’ve got the talent and are serious about voiceover work being a major part of your career, then fill out the company’s online submission form.

Sue Terry Voices

Sue Terry Voices

The breakdown: An industry-leading company with perhaps the most comprehensive and experienced collection of voices of any independent agency, Sue Terry nonetheless has an eye for new talent. 

Sue Terry’s talent list is formidable. It reads like a who’s who of actors, with recognisable heavyweights like Rory Kinnear, James McArdle, Anne-Marie Duff, Claire Foy, Sheila Atim, Bill Paterson, and Tobias Menzies. However, the agency also has an eye on fresh and unique talent, including rapper A.Dot; TV stars Gwyneth Keyworth, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Aimee Lou Wood; and theatre icon Ria Zmitrowicz.  

Sue Terry Voices directs and records voice reels for all new recruits so as to learn their skills and match performers with clients, including all the major UK broadcasters. The team is devoted to “talented, highly credited” actors and comedians, so this is far from a walk-in for young or inexperienced actors.

Submissions: The agency is accepting submissions from talent with at least two years of paid acting credits.



The breakdown: Established in 2001, Qvoice is a busy and reputable mid-scale London voiceover agency with a broad range of actors and comedians. Clients include recognisable voices like Bill Nighy, Michelle Gomez, Julian Barratt, and John Simm, plus a collection of hugely versatile acting stalwarts like Vicki Pepperdine, Justin Salinger, and Nicola Walker. The roster also includes popular narrators like Jot Davies, who has over 100 audiobooks to his name.  

Submissions: Qvoice isn’t clear about whether it’s accepting new artists, but given that there are a fair few fresh faces (and most agencies are open to listening to reels), aspiring voice artists looking for strong representation may want to contact the agency.



The breakdown: An under-the-radar agency with quietly brilliant clients working on some of the best audio around, Voicecall is a serious player that lets the work speak for itself. 

One of the smallest voice agencies on this list, Voicecall is nonetheless a formidable presence in the industry thanks to its roster of quietly brilliant voice actors. It’s an agency that goes for talent over star power, which is perhaps why it’s home to a host of busy narrators and audio-industry award winners rather than big names you might recognise. It’s a friendly and open agency that specialises in narration, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), and animation.  

Artists include the prolific Clare Corbett, who has narrated hundreds of audiobooks and starred in just as many or more radio plays.

“Audiobooks and games have become a huge industry compared to 20 years ago, and this has opened up the market for new and adventurous talent to gain a foothold and thrive,” said Voicecall talent agent Phillipa Brown.

Submissions: Voicecall’s books are closed, but you can check their representation page to see when they open back up.

Loud and Clear Voices

The breakdown: London’s freshest and most exciting agency has a host of extraordinary talent—far beyond what you’d expect of a newcomer. 

Loud and Clear Voices is by far the youngest agency on the list. Started in 2014 when founder Jamie Grant ran a book of 50 artists from his living room, it’s now grown to several times that size. Its talent roster is filled with voices from across the industry, including actors, comedians, presenters, and what Grant calls “none-of-the-aboves.”  

Led by experienced agent Julie Theivendran, Loud and Clear’s artists include big names like Katherine Parkinson, Georgina Campbell, and acclaimed narrator Joe Jameson. 

Submissions: Although it periodically closes submissions, Loud and Clear Voices is perfect for fresher actors. So, if you’ve just invested in a shiny voice reel, then go ahead and introduce yourself.

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