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If “anyone can be anyone in the Circle,” there’s no reason you can’t be one of its next contestants. Netflix’s hit social media–inspired reality show debuted in January 2020 and is now going four seasons strong, with a fifth in the works. Created and produced by Tim Harcourt, the competition series is an American take on the U.K. show of the same name. Harcourt and fellow producer Stephen Lambert together run Studio Lambert, which now oversees every iteration of the series (there is also “The Circle: Brazil” and “The Circle: France,” as well as the original U.K. version). 

“The starting point I had is: What would a reality show look like where people never met face-to-face?” Harcourt told the New York Times.

Want to learn how you can be part of this hit reality show? In this in-depth guide to getting cast on “The Circle,” we share audition tips from previous cast members and producers—plus the latest updates on auditions and open casting calls.


What is “The Circle”?

Netflix’s “The Circle” is a reality series hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau that focuses on alliances, budding romance, strategies, confrontations, and laughs. The show puts 11–14 competitors into the same building in their own apartments, so they never see one another face-to-face. The players then interact solely through profiles they create on a voice-activated social media app called the Circle. They can present themselves in whatever way they want (cue catfishing!) with the goal of being voted the highest-rated player and winning $100,000—or more, if the Spice Girls happen to drop by.

Each season, contestants play mini-games with each other to earn “influencer” status through group ratings, allowing them to “block” or eliminate other players. On the season’s final episode, the last five contestants are ranked one last time. The contestant who is rated highest is the winner.

When does Season 5 of “The Circle” start filming?

The CircleCourtesy Netflix

While it’s unclear if Season 5 is in production or postproduction, we do know that each season of “The Circle” takes place in the Adelphi Wharf neighborhood of Salford, England. According to Elite Daily, “The Circle” apartments are in the Adelphi Wharf Phase One building and were chosen by production because they wanted the show “to be in a nonspecific location.” 

Season 5 is likely to follow the same release schedule as Seasons 2 and 3—so be on the lookout for more of “The Circle” in fall 2022. 

Where can you find “The Circle” casting calls and audition notices?

The CircleCourtesy Netflix

In the summer of 2020, Netflix posted a casting call for “The Circle” Season 2 with us. According to the notice, the show was seeking talent, aged 21–75, of all ethnicities, and planned to shoot for six weeks in October and November 2020. Pay was $100 per day, with shooting and travel expenses provided. Among other requirements, those applying were asked for their name and social media handles, as well as a proposed strategy for the competition. There was also a video component, in which applicants were asked to showcase their personalities and share their life stories with casting directors, producers, and executives.

For those eager to join upcoming seasons of “The Circle,” we suggest staying up-to-date by following the show’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts. Both of these pages provide information about the audition process, plus casting news. Along with these resources, you can also bookmark our “The Circle” casting roundup, which includes projects that are similar to the reality hit—all of which are seeking talent now.

Who is in the cast of “The Circle”?

The Circle Season 4 castTom Dymond/Netflix

The principal players on Season 4 were:

  • Michelle Buteau (presenter)
  • Frank Grimsley 
  • Trevor St. Agathe, aka “Imani”
  • Yu Ling Wu
  • Crissa Jackson
  • John Franklin, aka “Carol”
  • Alyssa Ljubicich
  • Josh “Bru” Brubaker
  • Parker Abbott, aka “Paul”
  • Rachel Evans
  • Alex Brizard, aka “Nathan”
  • Eversen Bevelle

Who are the casting directors of “The Circle”?

The Circle Season 4Courtesy Netflix

Raphael Dorval isn’t the only one casting for “The Circle,” but with 52 episodes under his belt, he definitely has the most experience on the series. His previous credits include “America’s Next Top Model,” “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” and “America’s Got Talent.” He’s currently a casting producer at HBO Max. 

When it came to recruiting the ensembles, Harcourt says social media played a major role. He told Parade: “Social media brings people from different walks of life and location together. Expect the same here. We also wanted warm, funny characters who were interesting when let alone from human contact.”

Casting associate Julianna Cossman Cossman added that the series’ cast covers a wide spectrum. “When they brought me on [for Season 2], it was really about filling the holes in target casting for the types of people that Netflix really wanted or the other executives really wanted, which included dairy farmers,” she explained.

What are the best audition tips for getting cast on “The Circle”?

The Circle Season 4Courtesy Netflix

If you’re hoping to get cast on future seasons, it pays to be prepared. Here are some tips from previous contestants that can help you shine both in-person and online.

  • Make a plan for the game ahead of time. “Make sure you have a strategy already made up and down pat,” said Season 1 contestant Antonio DePína. “And just be yourself times 10,000. Be super extra so they can get your personality!”
  • Don’t knock it until you try it. I was hesitant, just because I am an actor,” said Season 1 winner Joey Sasso. “I’ve been in the business so many years and am used to this stigma that doing reality TV means the death of your career. I turned down other reality opportunities before; but there’s never one that I heard of that’s quite like this, where I can truly just go in and represent myself. I’m not in a house with other people starting drama, getting drunk, and hooking up with people, like we’re so used to seeing.”
  • Connect to your character.Truthfully, bring big energy,” advises Season 1 contestant Seaburn Williams. “And…if you catfish, you will have to really relate to the character, or it won’t work. You have to emotionally connect to that person. That’s why I chose my girl, because she was my light.”
  • Have fun. “My advice would be: Don’t hold anything back,” said Season 1 contestant Ed Eason. “Whether [you’re] being yourself on the show or someone else, go all in from the beginning to the very end. Whatever your strategy, be sure that you leave with no regrets—nothing left unsaid. Let your voice be heard, and express yourself. Don’t care what people think about you. Have fun with it!”

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