Matt LeBlanc’s ‘Got it Covered’ in Hilarious ’80s Heinz Commercial

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With July 4 right around the corner, it’s the season for grilled burgers and dogs. Luckily, Golden Globe winner and seven-time Emmy nominee Matt LeBlanc has us covered in the condiment department.

Turns out, Courteney Cox isn’t the only “Friends” star who started in commercials! In 1987, LeBlanc played a greaser guy too cool for the hot dog vendor’s ketchup in this hilariously dated Heinz commercial. Did someone order a cheese dog!?

The spot did, however, show a promising acting career for LeBlanc, who gets to showcase his effortless charisma and suave-meets-adorkable charm. Plus that little dimple and wink at the end is just a hint of what’s to come—“How you doin’?”

Watch the ad below. Now who’s hungry for lunch?

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