7 Talent Agencies Where Social Media Influencers Can Find Representation

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Posting to a devoted following on social media can make you an opinion maker, a trendsetter, or—as it’s officially known—an influencer. That title can come with a career, but you might want to seek representation to make that happen. Here are seven influencer-friendly talent agencies that represent professional social media stars.

Talent agencies for influencers


Founded in 2018, Audiencly now includes an 18-person management team that helps connect its roster of influencers with top brands like ExpressVPN and Panasonic. The agency’s website says, “We believe partnerships with our creators are built on trust and transparency. We put the needs and dreams of them at the center of what we do.” 

INF Agency

This firm boasts a roster of trendsetters with big personalities—and even bigger followings. Coordinating everything from casting to contracts, INF makes the case that influencers are the new celebrities. INF was created in 2014, but its sibling company A&F Music has been in the biz for over 45 years. With a female-focused lineup, INF specializes in fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and travel brands. Notable brand clients include Lululemon and HelloFresh.


LTK has built a wide network of creators, brands, and retailers on its way to generating more than $4 billion in online sales. At the center of that mission is its roster of lifestyle creators. LTK is looking for creators with a “public social media profile,” a “high number of engaged followers on your social media channels,” and content “highlighting the brands and products that you love and use, posted regularly.” (LTK notes that, ideally, you’re posting daily.) If that sounds like you, apply on the company’s site


Not to throw shade, but sometimes agency talent pools lack racial diversity. Shade is a firm for “black and brown creators ranging from chefs and authors to actors and comedians” in the social media space. Offering representation and management, Shade’s goal is to give creators the tools to turn their brand and audiences into self-employment: “Get paid for your dopeness.” Offering opportunities, strategies, legal counsel, studios, and analytics (along with brand perks, too), Shade has brand clients like TIDAL, SoulCycle, and Marriott. 

Shine Talent Group

With offices in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toronto, Shine balances traditional marketing tactics with editorializations to get as many impressions as possible. Focusing on genuine content, Shine pairs talent with brands that can be authentically promoted while also coaching influencers to hit a brand’s deliverables. To submit for representation at Shine, fill out the form on the agency’s site


One of the newer names in influencer marketing and management, Ubiquitous has already partnered with top-level brands like Disney, Amazon, and Netflix. The company is unique in that it is nonexclusive, which means its creators can broker deals with other agencies. And its goal is simple: “Our mission is to help you land brand deals that match your authentic voice while making you lots and lots of money.” To join Ubiquitous’ talent network, apply here

Viral Nation

This award-winning firm has influencer marketing down to a science, and it spans every digital platform imaginable. Representing social media celebrities, gamers, athletes, and content creators, Viral Nation offers its roster a creator studio to help craft content, a publicity team for clients, and “33% more in value when your Viral Nation agent negotiates on your behalf” for brand deals and sponsorships. You can apply for representation on VN’s site.

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