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Whether you like it or not, social media is part of the world we live in. For actors, social media presence is doubly important as it essentially serves as a digital representation of yourself, readily accessible to all of the internet at all times.

Sounds daunting, right? Social media can be incredibly useful for the working actor but is also rife for faux pas and, as many have learned the hard way—once it’s online, it lives forever. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful social media guidance from our Backstage Experts below, so you can get to posting worry-free!

1. Be positive

“We attract what we are, so be positive and attract positivity. Consider how you would want to be treated and act accordingly. Look over your social media outlets and if it seems negative, ask a friend or a colleague about how to clean it up. Then be open to said change. Show evolution and growth.” — Tracy “Twinkie” Byrd

2. Network, but network wisely

“Don’t blast out tweets [to casting directors] such as ‘Here’s my reel!’ unless you already have an online relationship with that person. Always use your manners and etiquette. You certainly wouldn’t walk into the home of someone you don’t know and shove your reel in their face; same thing on social media.” — Marci Liroff

3. Never compare yourself to others on social media

“The biggest psychological trap of social media is comparing your life and career to someone else’s. You cannot do this. You are on your own journey. Furthermore, what we see online isn’t always the full truth! If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself, consider cultivating a custom feed through lists or unfollowing the people who make you feel bad!” — Tony Howell

4. Don’t make announcements too soon

“Don’t broadcast about a role you’ve landed until given the OK. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Broadway show, national tour, commercial, or TV series. Ask what the company’s social media policy is before you post the good news! Actors have lost jobs for doing this. Don’t sink your own ship!” — Heidi Dean

5. Remind yourself why it matters

“Because [today], networks and producers love when talent has a built-in audience. The larger audience that you can build (organically) will sweeten the deal after you have given an amazing audition.” — Jackie Reid

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