How to Ask If a Casting Decision Has Been Made Yet

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Q: Is it ever OK to ask if a casting decision has been made? I’m waiting to hear back from a tour and I’m also looking to move soon, so I feel like I can’t make any life decisions until I know what’s happening. Will asking get me blacklisted for life?—@workingcatmom, Backstage Community Forums*

It is completely fine to ask a casting director if a decision has been made on a role or when the project might potentially start, if you have other obligations. This is especially true if you have been pinned for the job, meaning that you are one of the top selections for the production. If you are unrepresented, you should give the casting director, associate, or assistant a phone call or send an email asking if you are still “in the mix” for the project. If you are represented by an agent or manager, I would have your team handle this matter for you.

Being in the mix means that you are still in contention for the role and are available for all shoot dates. If you are still in the running, you should absolutely notify casting right away of your intention to move. The production may make a decision on the spot if they are aware of your conflicts.

Keep in mind that asking questions of casting will not “blacklist” you from being called back to audition. It is highly encouraged that actors ask as many questions as possible so that they are informed of what is required for the role. Most breakdowns online will include the outside dates (the dates of when production will commence), so look out for those, and only submit for work that you are 100 percent available for. If no dates are listed, ask before you attend the audition.

Acting should be beneficial not only for the production, but for you as the actor as well. In the future, don’t be afraid to be vocal about your prior obligations from the beginning. Scheduling works both ways!

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