'The Mindy Project' Recap: Episode 2, 'Hiring and Firing'

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Remember how Mindy wants her life to be a romcom? She wants this so much that she narrates her romantic insights on her morning commute to her unwilling co-worker Danny Castellano (Chris Messina).

Then more movie parallels ensue! While at the bookstore—the place no one goes to buy books because why would you do that in a world with Amazon.com?—Mindy meets a cute guy, which is a much better reason to go to a bookstore. (The shot also looks scarily familiar to when Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan meet for the third time in the bookstore in “When Harry Met Sally…” But Mindy didn’t provide that analogy, so we've basically caught the romantic comedy delusion disease from her.) Anyway, cute guy (Seth Meyers) takes Mindy out for frozen yogurt, after helping her score a useless tote bag at the bookstore, and all her dreams are coming true. That is, until she realizes she hates frozen yogurt and really just wanted a pretzel. But, get this, he’s an architect!

Architect is a job guys have in movies, not real life! Or say her sycophantic co-workers who fawn over her when she tells them every detail. However, not everyone at the OB/GYN office where she works loves Mindy. One of the nurses, Beverly, has been rude and unreliable, and it comes to a head when Mindy finds her hiding blood samples. After calling a staff meeting—a power than Mindy doesn’t really have at work but she has a chocolate fountain in her office so she’s forgiven—her boss, Dr. Marc Shulman (Stephen Tobolowsky), gives Mindy the responsibility of hiring a new nurse. And their non-committal, though insanely attractive, British colleague Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks) must fire Beverly.

Who does that leave out? Oh, that’s right, Castellano. Sensing his feelings of neglect, as all fatherly bosses do, Dr. Shulman goes into his office to comfort Danny, again as all bosses do with their grown male employees, and calms his fears that Mindy will hire another celebrity-obsessed version of herself. Danny and Mindy will do the hiring together.

While Mindy’s requirements for a good nurse involve favorite movies and the ability to name all of Brad and Angelina’s children, Danny can’t have this. So of course, continuing on this awkward family parallel, they start bickering like siblings. It’s only when they start quarrelling in front of their most qualified applicant and she storms out that things become problematic. (The only person they can agree on not hiring is the ex-con, who apparently does a lot of literal navel-gazing because he has tattooed “No More Stealing Cars” around his belly button.) Now, Daddy Dearest is mad at them. If they can’t complete a simple task, maybe they should get fired. Which is when they come up with the idea that they’re secretly best friends and spend all their time outside of work together, and somehow each one has saved the other from a mugger.

While Mindy and Danny are unsuccessfully hiring a replacement nurse, Jeremy is having a little bit of trouble firing the other one. While Mindy doesn’t like fro yo, Jeremy and Beverly love it and are having a wonderful time swapping life stories on a beautiful park bench. (Let’s first mention that Beverly is not an age-appropriate match for Jeremy, especially considering how last episode he told Mindy he wouldn’t want to sleep with her in her 40s and 50s.) Since Jeremy is a lovable, though a narcissistic, commitment-phobe, he decides to fire Beverly like he would break up with a girl: vaguely and over e-mail. Because Beverly doesn’t use e-mail, this tactic fails miserably. So Mindy has to be the man and fire her.

And what does she get? Punched in the face. (Cue mugger metaphor from before…) But you know who’s also a man? That ex-con who hasn’t left yet and comes to Mindy’s rescue and fixes her broken nose. So Mindy hires him on the spot because she has decision-making power now that she was the only one with the balls to do the firing.

And we never did get to hear or see about that date with the architect. Something to look forward to for next week!

Lines of the Night

Here are some of the best lines from episode 2

“Weird would be if the train stopped and it was suddenly the 1940s.” – Dr. Danny Castellano on Mindy’s weird narrations on the subway

“Why are you wearing a wetsuit?” – Beverly
“This isn’t a wet suit. This is skinny pants and a fitted shirt.” - Dr. Jeremy Reed

"If you guys work together you will avoid hiring any Al Quaida terrorist.” – Dr. Marc Shulman to Mindy and Danny

“I’ve seen child soldiers in Africa with better manners!” – Qualified job candidate on Mindy and Danny’s arguing

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