Sending a Thank-You Letter After an Audition? What Actors Need to Know

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While it may seem like a small gesture, many in the entertainment industry—from casting directors to veteran talent—agree that sending a thank-you letter after an audition is a vital practice for any aspiring actor. How you conduct yourself in front of the casting department—and the work you show in the room—is ultimately what will land you the job. But a follow-up email or note after an audition is a great way to remind casting directors and producers of your audition and emphasize how excited you are about the project at hand.

But where should you start? Read on for advice on crafting your thank-you letter, what to include, and how this small gesture can help keep you in casting directors’ minds. 


How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter After an Audition?

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Your letter should be brief, and it’s best to adopt a tone that balances professionalism with genuine enthusiasm. Casting directors often see dozens of actors for a single project, so be sure to start with an introduction that references the date of your audition to jog their memory. 

Your letter should also mention something specific about your time in the room, such as an adjustment the director offered that you particularly appreciated or a memorable interaction you had with the team. Keep it brief but genuine, focusing on building a positive relationship with people you hope to work with. “A simple thank-you note goes a long way,” says casting director Ken Lazer. “And don’t forget to thank the casting assistant, who may have been the one to convince the CD to call you in.”

When wrapping up your note, be sure to reiterate your excitement about the project and to express gratitude for the opportunity to read for the role. 

Even if you don’t book the job, a follow-up email or note after an audition shows casting directors that you’re professional and conscientious, and it can improve your chances of being called back for projects in the future. 

“Years ago, an actor gave me a thank-you card that I had on my bulletin board for the next two years, because I loved the art and bright colors,” says casting director Brette Goldstein. “We cast her in four projects during that time.”

What Should Your Audition Thank-You Letter Include?

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Here are a few must-haves for any audition thank-you letter: 

  • An introduction that mentions which project you auditioned for
  • A brief thank-you expressing your gratitude and enthusiasm
  • Something specific from you time in the room, such as an adjustment or positive interaction
  • A wrap-up that reiterates your excitement about the project 

Still having trouble getting started? Here’s a sample template; feel free to personalize and tweak where you see fit. 

Dear [casting director’s name],

Thank you for bringing me in to audition for [Project X] on [date of audition]. I really connected with the role of [Y], and it was a pleasure being able to read for you and your team.

I especially appreciated the note you gave me after I performed [Z]. It really helped me see the scene in a whole new light, and gave me a different perspective about [Y’s] trajectory in the script. Working on [Z] with you and the team made me even more excited about this project.

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


[Your name]

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