Why You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup for Your Next Self-Tape Audition

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Photo Source: Margaret Ruling/Shutterstock

Is it true that you shouldn’t wear makeup for on-camera auditions? 

The camera picks up everything, so the reason you should have a more understated look is because we want to see you. We don’t want to see the makeup covering you up.

It’s fine to wear light makeup for a natural look or to highlight certain things like your cheekbones or jawline. But if you come in with way too much makeup on, the camera is going to pick up every single thing. Especially with the 4K cameras that are now common—some of them even 6K!—less is more. We definitely do not want to see every eyelash. If your eyelashes are askew in one way or another because of the way you put on your mascara, the camera is going to pick that up and it will be distracting.

You’re acting for the role, and if you feel like the role necessitates a certain amount of makeup, you should wear it! But, in general, I suggest you just pat yourself with a little bit of powder and allow the performance to illuminate you from within.

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