10 Top Audition Songs for Teen Guys to Try Out

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As any high school-aged boy could tell you, your teens are a time when it’s easy to go from feeling “on top of the world” to “being a geek” on any given day. Thankfully, the world of musical theater offers a space to sing your feelings away, no judgments allowed. Here’s a shortlist of some of the best songs for male teens to use in auditions or practice. 


What makes a good audition song for teen boys?

A strong audition song should align with the auditioner’s age, vocal capabilities, and the character they’re auditioning for. The top choices share a distinctive narrative.

It’s suitable. Avoid songs that are overly juvenile or mature—instead, look for ones that thematically match the right age range, as well as vocal range and type.

It’s relevant. The right audition piece should showcase the ability to take on the performer’s role of choice. 

It’s interesting. The best audition songs grab the audience’s attention and don’t let go. Look for songs that are beloved but not overdone; otherwise, singers may find a casting director “look[ing] right through” them upon hearing “Mr. Cellophane” for the umpteenth time.

What are some great audition songs for teenage boys?

“Being a Geek” from “13 the Musical” (ballad) 

This song reflects the struggles and insecurities of adolescence. It allows teens to showcase vulnerability and emotional depth.

“I Believe” from “The Book of Mormon” (uptempo) 

Display energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of comic timing with this hilarious pick.

“I Believe in You” from “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” (uptempo)

Use this ditty to exude confidence and charm while showing off your powers of vocal control. 

“It Just Wasn’t Meant to Happen” from “Calvin Berger” (ballad)

Performers can sing their heart out about heartbreak and introspection with this musical number.

“Me” from “Beauty and the Beast” (uptempo)

Exuding youthful energy and fun, this song offers the opportunity to portray a lighthearted and enjoyable character. 

“Metaphor” from “The Fantasticks” (uptempo)

For anyone who wants to tell a story in an expressive, engaging way, this song is the one.

“Proud of Your Boy” from “Aladdin” (ballad)

This is a strong pick for older boys due to its portrayal of vulnerability, desire, and hope for the future. 

“Suppertime” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” (uptempo)

Quirky and playful, this song is sure to charm any audience—extra points for the use of body language!

“This Is the Moment” from “Jekyll & Hyde” (ballad)

Demonstrate range and emotional intensity with this dramatic ballad.

“Top of the World” from “Tuck Everlasting” (uptempo)

The younger crowd can summon their sense of spiritedness, optimism, and adventure by singing Jesse’s lines in this charming duet.

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