Love ‘Saturday Night Live’? Audition for These Comedy Gigs

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Photo Source: Will Heath/NBC

From movie parodies to special guests, “Saturday Night Live” captures the funniest skits to date. Need a good laugh like this, but it’s not quite Saturday? We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of SNL-related gigs that will hold you over. Whether it’s comedic sketches or improvisational scores, these casting calls want your talent now. 

Wandering Mind Comedy

A production company is creating a comedic channel of sketches and short films and needs talent now. Performers will consist of like-minded individuals who have a passion for the creative process. Can be any gender and must be aged 18 or older to apply. Also needing an older male, aged 60 or older, who will play a spooky role. Rehearsals are ongoing at a TBD date in NYC. This gig pays nothing.

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“Reservoir Dogs”

This SNL-like sketch comedy series about the 1992 film, “Reservoir Dogs” is casting. Seeking a male talent, aged 45-70, a second male talent, aged 25 or older, and a female talent, aged 25 or older. The series also needs a cinematographer. Shoots TBD in NYC. Roles are unpaid.

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“Hapa” Season 1

“Hapa” is a satire show featuring a group of gangsters in a mattress store. The show is about a gangster who struggles with self-identity and is trying to find his place in his community. Casting a female or non-binary role, aged 18-28, another role of any gender, aged 20-30, and plenty more supporting roles. Films December to February in L.A. Pay is deferred. Meals and credit included.

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Online Comedy Sketch Show

An online improvisational sketch series starring two guys needs talent. Seeking one male actor, aged 20-25, who has improvisation experience. Production takes place in London and Berkshire next year. This is unpaid, but all other accommodations are covered.

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“You Guys Suck As Friends: A Sketch Show”

This sketch series needs two males to play comedic characters. One male, aged 30-65, must play a mentally unhinged role. The other male, aged 30-56, must play a person who lacks people skills. Shoots for one day in January in Long Island. Pays $200. Travel and food included.

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