6 Child Acting Agencies in New York to Help Your Kid Get Cast

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Ensuring your child actor gets a chance to shine like Kaitlyn Dias or Gavin White can be overwhelming, say the least. And finding a talent agency that will fight for them and shares your family’s philosophy and values is no easy task—especially since all the big-name acting agencies in the East Coast youth market are virtually impossible to submit to without a direct industry referral! (Looking at you, WME and UTA.)

But there are a number of well-established New York agencies who accept unsolicited submissions from young working actors. If your child already has some credits under their belt, and you’re looking for an NYC agency to get them more exposure to top casting agents and opportunities, the following six agencies should be at the top of your list.

NYC child acting agencies you can apply to today

Avalon Artists Group

The breakdown: A boutique bicoastal agency ideal for young actors at the beginnings of their careers, Avalon prides itself on creating strong personal relationships and channeling children’s drive and talent to create sustainable careers. 

Notable clients: Chalet Lizette Brannan (“Tinker,” “Vengeance”), Cali Sheldon and Noelle Sheldon (“Us,” “Friends”), Kaitlyn Dias (“Inside Out”)

Submissions: Avalon accepts unsolicited submissions and provides detailed instructions on its website.

Avalon says it aims to provide a personal approach to representation. Founder Craig Holzberg and youth division head Ted Maier bring years of industry experience to the table. “What we respond to is actors who are unique,” Holzberg noted in an interview with Actors Connection. “There’s something different about them, and we respond to who they are as people. We really look at personality, we look at drive, we look at passion.” The agency opens every submission it receives, according to Holzberg. 

CESD Talent Agency

The breakdown: A full-service agency, CESD provides outstanding exposure to top casting agents and dedicated theatrical agents.

Notable clients: Gavin White (“Black-ish”), Candace Kozak (“Young Sheldon”)

Submissions: CESD outlines email submission guidelines on its website

CESD Talent is a large, bicoastal agency representing actors for commercial, voiceover, and theatrical opportunities. With dozens of agents and thousands of clients, CESD is on the bigger side—but it provides individualized expertise in each division, making it an excellent option to maximize your child’s voiceover and commercial opportunities alongside those in TV or film. 

Clear Talent Group

The breakdown: A midsize agency representing a roster of youth actors in varying stages of their careers, CTG provides clients with excellent casting connections coupled with an actor-centered approach that’s sensitive to the challenges of working as a child.

Notable clients: Forrest Wheeler (“Fresh Off the Boat”), Raini Rodriguez (“Jurassic World”), Rico Rodriguez (“Modern Family”)

Submissions: To submit to the NY office, email nysubmissions@cleartalentgroup.com. To submit to the L.A. office, email lainfo@cleartalentgroup.com

Clear Talent Group is a full-service agency representing talent in the areas of TV, film, commercials, and voiceover, with offices in both Los Angeles and NYC. In addition, it offers departments that specialize in theater, dance, choreography, print, and digital. The Young People’s team has been nominated for a number of awards, including multiple Heller Awards, which recognize excellence in talent representation and management. The team’s philosophy is to represent talent with integrity, placing the performer’s well-being over everything else.

DDO Artists Agency

The breakdown: What DDO lacks in star power, it makes up for with years of specialized industry experience and consistent bookings in big-name television and film projects.

Notable clients: Ethan William Childress (“Mixed-ish”), Madelyn Miranda (“Dora and the Lost City of Gold”), Arabella Grant (“Fuller House”)

Submissions: DDO’s website includes clear instructions for email and mail submissions. 

Though you won’t find many household names on DDO’s roster, its agents represent many early- and mid-stage young actors and regularly book clients in network television and studio films. Heller Award nominee Mallory Levy sits as the director of the youth division in New York. “Nurturing that talent, believing in them, and then finding them success is the best feeling,” she said in an interview with the Obvious Path. “The saying ‘It’s who you know’ truly applies to this industry in both positive and negative ways. I couldn't care less where somebody comes from. If I find a client off the street and think they are talented, you’d better believe that kid is going on my roster. Everybody enters our office on an equal playing field.”

Stewart Talent

The breakdown: With a dedicated youth division led by one of the industry’s powerhouse agents, Stewart Talent shouldn’t be overlooked.

Notable clients: Gaten Matarazzo (“Stranger Things”), Shamon Brown Jr. (“The Chi”)

Submissions: Submissions are considered via email; the company’s policy is outlined in detail on its website.

Stewart Talent is a full-service agency representing child actors in film, TV, theater, voiceover, commercial, and print. Founded in Chicago, it has since expanded to Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. In fall 2018, the agency expanded its New York branch with a dedicated Children and Young Adult Department. Representing newborns through 25-year-olds, the department is headed by veteran youth talent agent Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom. Shumofsky Bloom was nominated for a Heller Award and has attracted an impressive roster of young talent.

Take 3 Talent Agency

The breakdown: At the top of its game among NYC youth agencies, Take 3 is focused on developing its clients as both actors and individuals. 

Notable clients: Jacob Laval (“The Plot Against America”), Gabriel Gurevich (“The Americans,” “Supergirl”), Jake Goldberg (“Grown Ups”)

Submissions: Take 3 considers submissions primarily from actors in the New York tri-state area via its online form submission. 

Take 3 is a NYC-based full-service agency with a prominent youth talent division. Founder Natasha Matallana heads the company’s youth TV/film/packaging division. “I started Take 3 because I wanted to dedicate my career to guiding actors. My love and knowledge of the industry aids my ability to be successful every day,” Matallana said. She also offered some valuable advice for the lucky actors selected to come in for an interview: “When I meet someone, I want to see that they’re relatable, someone I can hang out with or talk to. You might be as equally talented as someone else, but I have way more fun talking to you! I want to sign someone I can root for.”

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