Help: I Flubbed a Lyric in an Audition + I Can’t Stop Beating Myself Up

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Wrong lyrics in an audition or callback?
Quick questions because I’m in beating-myself-up mode. If you get lyrics wrong to a song but still keep singing, don’t stop, etc., is that the end for you in the audition process, you think? I’ve heard varying opinions. I mean, I’d think that mistakes happen but if they can hear how you sing and you don’t just go “flub flub flub crap sorry can I start again?” it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Anyone have any opinions or examples? Maybe anybody who got lyrics wrong/made mistakes but still got called back or even booked?” —SpikeMills

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“Feel free to chime in, and let’s get to know each other!” —BuellerFerris

“I am currently trying to put together a reel/videos for my website. The problem is, many of my productions have not been recorded. If they are, they are either poor quality or filmed in portrait rather than landscape on a phone from the audience (those tend to be better quality). Are these worth posting, or does it instead make me look like an amateur? Should I try and make a couple of self-tape recordings from my living room instead? Is it even necessary, or should I wait until I start getting some better gigs from performances? Thank you in advance!” —DalitaG

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