Behind the Scenes of CBS’ ‘American Gothic’

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Photo Source: Photographs courtesy Deirdre Lovejoy

After her acclaimed run as Assistant State’s Attorney Rhonda Pearlman on David Simon’s “The Wire,” Deirdre Lovejoy steps back in the world of hard knocks crime as Detective Linda Cutter on CBS’ summer drama “American Gothic.” The fuss-free scene-stealer joins Elliot Knight’s Detective Brady Ross in tracking down the Boston killer responsible for an infamous slew of murders. Lovejoy took a break from the case to give Backstage a behind-the-scenes peek at the network hit.

One of my first times on set with Virginia Madsen, whose Saturday night gatherings have become a tradition during the shooting of “American Gothic.”

Shooting in front of the Hawthorne Mansion with Knight in his fly green ride. As you can see, we never have any fun.

Admiring the gorgeous Toronto lakeshore between takes with my dog and on-set mascot, Mr. Pickles, who shares mascot duties with Madsen’s West Highland Terrier, Star. Rumor has it they are having an on-set romance.

On a night shoot with my co-star Knight. The police flashlights became light sabers between takes, thanks to constantly running fog machines.

Hanging out with my co-stars Megan Ketch and Gabriel Bateman, catching some impromptu rays—on a borrowed sound blanket—on location: an elementary school with dozens of extras under the age of 10!

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