This Virginia Actor Has Advice for Booking Out-of-State Gigs

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Desean Bridgers is a young actor who believes that no dream is too far-reaching—just as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile. 

Opportunity is everywhere you look for it.

“I live in Virginia, and there’s not a big entertainment market here, so I normally travel out of state to film. Always try to find some local classes or classes on the internet to get a head start in your career.”

What you can offer a project is unique to you.

“The project I was cast in [through Backstage] was ‘Grass Lake,’ a short film written and directed by Wilson Kurschner. I loved the story, and I felt that I could bring something different to the film and the character.” 

Be your own cheerleader. 

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that I am my own biggest supporter. Keep applying, no matter how many noes you get. Go over your lines, and visualize as much as possible. One director will see something in you, and you will get cast.”

Celebrate every step of the journey. 

“I decided I wanted to become an actor when I was 14. After I booked ‘Grass Lake,’ it gave me reassurance that I was doing something right.”

You will find your tribe.

“Just be yourself, and others will accept you—and if they don’t, you are going to find that group of people who do.”

This story originally appeared in the Mar. 17 issue of Backstage Magazine. Subscribe here.

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