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Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” is still captivating audiences everywhere. The hit reality dating show, which follows singles as they try to fall in love without ever laying eyes on one another, instantly became a trending show for the streamer when it debuted in February 2020.

Season 5 premieres this month. The first batch of episodes will drop on Sept. 22, with more to come on Sept. 29, Oct. 6, and Oct. 13. Additional seasons of “Love Is Blind” are also in the works. If you want to become a reality TV star, read on to learn what it takes to get cast in a future season.


What is “Love Is Blind” about?

​​“Love Is Blind” has a unique premise: For 10 days, men and women go on speed dates—but the kicker is that they are unable to see one another. The contestants are put into pods where they can relax, drink wine, and chat—all while not being able to have any physical interactions with their date. 

When a contestant decides they’ve found the one, they propose in the pod—still without seeing the person they’re popping the question to. Following the proposal, the pair finally get to meet one another, then are whisked away on a tropical vacation together. During this getaway, contestants also meet the other engaged couples. Afterward, the two move into an apartment together and meet each other’s families. On the day of the wedding, the couple meets at the altar and decides if they really want to go through with the marriage or call it quits.

Who is in the cast of “Love Is Blind”?

Husband-and-wife duo Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the series. Here are the Season 5 contestants:

The men:

  • Carter, 30, construction
  • Chris, 28, project manager for commercial and retail development
  • Connor, 31, geoscientist
  • Efrain, 27, software sales
  • Enoch, 27, financial advisor
  • Ernesto, 32, supply chain manager, oil and gas
  • Izzy, 31, sales
  • Jared “JP”, 32, firefighter
  • Jarred, 34, University director
  • Josh, 32, sales representative
  • Justice, 28, personal trainer
  • Milton, 25, petroleum engineer 
  • Robert, 30, special education teacher 
  • Uche, 32, lawyer, entrepreneur

Love is Blind cast

The women:

  • Aaliyah, 29, ICU travel nurse
  • Erica, 27, marketing manager
  • Estefania, 30, teacher/dancer
  • Johnie, 32, lawyer
  • Linda, 32, talent acquisition recruiter
  • Lydia, 32, geologist
  • Maris, 30, HR specialist 
  • Mayra, 25, minister 
  • Miriam, 32, scientist
  • Paige, 32, stylist 
  • Renee, 32, veterinarian 
  • Shondra, 32, flight attendant
  • Stacy, 34, director of operations
  • Taylor, 26, teacher

Love is Blind

How does the casting process work for “Love Is Blind”?

Kinetic Content looks for contestants to be on the show. Those who want to take their shot at finding love on the series should fill out an application on this website. All contestants must live in the city where the season is filming, so they can move in together following their experience in the pods and on the couples’ retreat. “Love Is Blind” Season 1 was filmed in Atlanta, Season 2 was filmed in Chicago, and Season 3 was filmed in Dallas—so it’s clear the showrunners have an affinity for major metropolitan locales.

Series creator Chris Coelen opened up to Entertainment Weekly about what the team looks for when casting the show. “We have a great casting department, and they reached out to people who they felt would be genuinely interested in this kind of commitment,” he explained. “I think that’s really key; we want people who aren’t just doing it for the attention. There’s certainly plenty of places for people who want to do stuff for the attention. We wanted to be really dealing with people who were genuinely interested in it.”

Love is Blind

Where is “Love Is Blind” filmed?

Season 4, “Sightless in Seattle,” saw the series jump to the West Coast after filming in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, respectively, for Seasons 1–3. Season 5 is back in Texas taking place in Houston. Details are under wraps as to where future seasons will take place.

Love is Blind

Where can you find “Love Is Blind” casting calls and auditions?

Fill out an application here. You’ll also need to prepare a 15-second video, provide photos, and answer a series of personal questions. 

For other reality show casting calls and auditions, check out our roundup of similar gigs. Keep an eye on our main casting call section for new opportunities as they arise.

Love is Blind

Who is the casting director for “Love Is Blind”?

Donna A. Driscoll is the head of casting at Kinetic Content. She has previously put together the ensembles of “Married at First Sight,” “Little Women,” and “Spy Games.” She was also in the casting department of “The Amazing Race” and “Shear Genius.” 

Driscoll talked to Screen Rant about the casting process, noting that social media plays a big part in the decision-making process. “You can tell a lot about a person through the content on their social media, like their personality, their goals, and their interpersonal relationships,” she explained. “We look for a myriad of tells about who a person is on their social media, and we do outreach on a grassroots level everywhere.” Once her team finds someone to reach out to, the interview process begins. “The vetting consists of one phone call at the start, and then a casting producer interview via Skype. They would sometimes do two or three of those; it all depends on the person.” 

Asked what she looks for in potential contestants, Driscoll added, “Well, for guys and girls alike, we're always looking for people who are marriage-minded; and we don’t want players. You can tell that about somebody from the first phone conversation, usually, especially if you’ve been in casting for a long time for a reality or docuseries. You just have a good sense. And we asked a lot of questions that were pretty good tells about that.” 

Driscoll added that an ideal contestant should project earnestness. “I think that they’re genuine…and excited about the opportunity,” she explained. “If that can come across in some way, and if a lot of their answers lead with love.”

Love is Blind

What are the best tips for landing a spot on “Love Is Blind”?

Chris Coelen said the key to choosing contestants is seeking out people who truly want to find love. “We picked participants, really, based on the feelings that they expressed and our judgment about whether or not they were really interested in exploring a lifelong relationship and/or getting married,” he explained to Express

Donna A. Driscoll echoed the sentiment in her conversation with ScreenRant. “Personality is huge, especially in an experiment like this,” she emphasized. “I know I sound repetitive, but I can’t say this enough: The most important detail to all of this is if they’re genuinely ready for a serious relationship and looking for a life partner.

“When I saw the success of the show, I was like, ‘Wow, we’re going to have to be really diligent about casting next season,’” she continued. “And I feel like we’re still having a lot of conversations about that; but I feel like, at that point, we’re going to have to incorporate people who are close to the candidates in their everyday life into the conversation at a certain point.”

But who should apply in the first place? Season 2 fan favorite Deepti Vempati offered some helpful advice. “Don’t waste someone’s time,” she told Distractify. "So really think about if you want to be in a committed relationship with somebody. And if you think you have it in you, if you have the emotional capacity to…care about somebody in this type of setting, to go through something that is a very emotional process and to be filmed while doing it, [you should apply],” she said. She added that only those who are “ready to be in a committed relationship” and “take the leap of faith to get married to somebody in a short period of time” should consider joining the cast.

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