CASTING ALERT: A Lake Tahoe Resort Commercial Needs Real Families + More California Auditions

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There are lots of great opportunities this week in California. A Lake Tahoe resort commercial is looking for real families with skiing and snowboarding skills. Also, the TV pilot “Drawing Blanks” is seeking talent, a jigsaw puzzle commercial is casting, and more!

A resort commercial needs real families, aged 12–60, with multiple kids in their teens. The production needs families where all members have skiing or snowboarding skills and enjoy the snow. Shooting is in Lake Tahoe in late February and early March. The family will be paid a flat rate of approximately $1,500–$2,500. Apply here!

A commercial for the Manscaped Weed Whacker wants male talent, aged 18–40, with comedy skills. The product is a nose hair trimmer and talent will be shown individually using the product in different locations. Shooting is on Jan. 27 in San Diego. The production will be as small as possible to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Talent will be paid $500. Apply here!

The TV pilot “Drawing Blanks” is seeking female talent, aged 23–33, for a supporting role. The scripted series is about an out-of-luck animator who is forced to move back in with his eccentric parents while trying to break into network television. Talent will play Candice Carter, an outspoken and trash-talking “femme fatale.” Auditions will be done via video followed by an in-person interview. Rehearsals start this spring with shooting in the summer in San Diego and Los Angeles. Talent will be paid a stipend. Apply here!

A jigsaw puzzle commercial is casting male and female talent, aged 18–40, for two roles. Talent will play a couple who take a photo together on the beach and the photo then becomes a jigsaw puzzle. Shooting is on Jan. 27 and Feb. 5 in Santa Monica, CA. Talent will be paid $250 per day for $500 total. Apply here!

A sci-fi feature film about warring aliens who must unite to defeat a monster wants Black female talent, aged 18–41, for a principal role. Talent will play the resilient Kameem who is trying to save her planet from being destroyed. The role requires full prosthetics including teeth and contacts. Shooting is in Los Angeles on dates TBD. Talent will be paid $150 per day for 1–2 weeks. Apply here!

The horror-thriller feature “ShadowMarsh” needs White female talent, aged 18–23, for a supporting role. Rehearsals are in January with shooting from Jan. 27–Feb. 7 in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $125 per day. Apply here!

The short film “Deer Girl” is seeking female and male talent for two principal roles. The story is about an unlikely connection between a researcher and a teenage girl that mutilates his decomposition experiment. Only one actor will be on set at a time. The roles are Deer Girl for female talent, aged 16–22, and the awkward researcher Harold for male talent, aged 25–35. Rehearsals are in late February with shooting from March 5–9 in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $125 per day under a SAG-AFTRA Student Film Agreement. Apply here!

A promotional ad for an apparel company wants White or Multiracial female and male talent, aged 18–30, for two roles. The production wants talent with comedy and improv skills to play a cynical and sarcastic girlfriend and her well-meaning boyfriend in the lighthearted ad. One day of rehearsal and one day of shooting will take place in January in Los Angeles. COVID-19 guidelines will be followed on set. Talent will be paid a flat rate of $500. Apply here!

The student film “Out of Time” needs talent for principal and supporting roles. The coming-of-age story is about an introverted college senior trying to reconnect with the impulsive woman he met in the cafeteria, despite the isolating effects of the social media age. The production wants male talent, aged 18–23, to play the lead Colin, female talent, aged 18–21, to play the lead love interest Audrey, and more. Rehearsals and shooting will take place on April 2, 3, 9–12 in Pasadena, CA. Principal talent will be paid $125 per day while supporting roles will be paid $30 per day all under a SAG-AFTRA Student Film Agreement. Apply here!

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