CASTING ALERT: Lead an Original Ongoing YouTube Series + More California Auditions

Photo Source: Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

There are lots of amazing opportunities in Los Angeles and California for roles on the stage and the screen. A production of “American Psycho the Musical” is casting the lead role of Patrick Bateman as well as supporting roles. Also, the YouTube original series “Pop Music High” needs talent with singing skills for ongoing work, a live interactive theatrical show based on the animated film “The Polar Express” is casting, and more!

An ongoing original webseries from Totally TV, “Pop Music High,” is seeking male and female talent, aged 18–25, for lead roles. The show needs talent with singing, acting, and dancing skills to play high school students in the scripted series. Each episode features a musical number. Episodes are shot in Burbank, California. Talent will be paid $200 on a repeat basis. Apply here!

A live and interactive theatrical show, “The Polar Express” Train Ride, based on the animated film starring Tom Hanks, is casting talent for principal, supporting, and ensemble roles. The show wants male talent, aged 30–45, to play the conductor, male talent, aged 25–35, to play a hobo, and talent, aged 20–35, with singing and dancing skills to join the ensemble. The conductor role has some light dancing while the hobo role has some light caroling. The show is holding open casting calls in North Hollywood, California on Aug. 22, Westlake Village, California on Aug. 23, and Ventura, California on Aug. 24. Rehearsals start on Nov. 7 with a run from Nov. 14–Dec. 29 in Fillmore, California. Talent will be paid $636 per week. Apply here

Stargazer Productions needs talent for roles in “All Shook Up,” an American jukebox musical based on the songs of Elvis Presley. The show wants female talent, aged 18–35, and male talent, aged 18–40, to play the leads, with supporting roles for talent, aged 16–60. Rehearsals start on Sept. 3 with a run from Oct. 4–27 at Center Stage Theater in Fontana, California. Talent will be paid a minimum of $600 with the final amount varying by role. Apply here!

Out of the Box Theatre Company’s production of “American Psycho the Musical” is looking for talent to play principal and supporting roles. The show is a contemporary musical based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis and set during the 1980s Wall Street boom. The show wants male talent, aged 25–35, with strong movement skills and a pop-rock voice to play the lead role of Patrick Bateman, female talent, aged 22–35, to play girlfriend Evelyn Williams, and more. Rehearsals start on Sept. 22 for a run from Nov. 15–24 at Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA. Talent will be paid a starting flat $200 fee plus travel stipend. Apply here!

The feature film “The Influencer” needs male talent, aged 24–38, for a supporting role. The film is about a group of female computer hackers that hold a social media influencer captive in her house to carry out a risky yet lucrative plan. The film needs talent with comedy and improv skills to play Five, a former drug addict and criminal from Florida that is now part of the hacker group. Shooting will take from October to early November over 15–16 days total in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid a flat $500. Apply here!

A Pfizer commercial for national distribution is looking for talent. The spot wants white or multiracial male talent, aged 45–65, to play a man dealing with chronic pain, white or multiracial female talent, aged 6–9, to play his grandaughter, and more. Shooting is on Aug. 20–21 in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $300 plus meals. Apply here!

A skincare brand’s photography shoot wants white, Latino, Asian, or Hispanic male talent, aged 25–40. Models will be in images and social media friendly short video clips using Dermalogica Skincare brand products. Photography will be on the beach and in the bathroom where talent is applying the product. Shooting is on Aug. 21 in Huntington Beach, California. Talent will be paid $500 plus skincare products valued at $300. Apply here!

A commercial for a relaxation app is casting nonunion male and female talent, aged 25–40. Talent will be shown tossing and turning in bed, meditating, stretching, walking, and drinking tea and coffee. Talent should have no facial piercings or visible tattoos. Shooting will take place in downtown Los Angeles. Talent will be paid $125 per day. Apply here! 

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