CASTING ALERT: Record Stories at Home for a Horror Podcast + More NYC Gigs

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There are lots of opportunities in NYC,  including remote work. The therapy app “Pillow Talk” is looking for talent to record content from home. Also, a horror podcast needs a voice actor to read stories and act out roles, a series of animated music videos for preschool is seeking talent to sing nursery rhymes, and more!

A horror podcast is looking for voiceover talent, aged 18 or older. Talent will read stories and act out character parts in a subtle and articulate voice. The project records remotely. Talent will be paid a small amount at first, working towards a percentage-based split in the future. Apply here!

A series of short videos for a social media campaign is seeking female talent, aged 18–30, for remote work. The campaign is for a training company that helps professional men build confidence in their interpersonal relationships. The production wants talent that loves laughter, is genuinely interested in helping others, and feels comfortable in front of a camera to film Instagram-style content. A large number of followers is a plus, but not required. All recording will be done at home with a mobile phone or webcam. Talent will be paid $125–$200 per video based on experience and quality. Apply here!

A new preschool YouTube series is looking for male and female vocalists, aged 18 and older. Talent must be able to sing nursery rhymes in a variety of styles including dance-pop, island, hip-hop, and pop-rock. Talent will work remotely and be paid $150 per song. Apply here!

An app for therapists is casting female voiceover talent, aged 18 or older. The app will combine games and podcasts. The production wants talent with a soft and cheerful voice with a strong preference for deeper and soothing tones. Talent will work remotely and be paid $250 per session. Apply here!

A short documentary about renewable energy wants black female talent, aged 25–35, to play the narrator. The production wants talent that is funny, charismatic, and able to articulate ideas, with previous public-speaking experience. Talent should have a British-London accent. Shooting will take place this summer on Long Island, NY. Talent will be paid $150 per day. Apply here!

“#SEEME 2”
A national nonprofit awareness video needs talent, aged 18–23, with good speaking voices. The video will educate students to adopt non-judgemental behavior and avoid labels in social situations. Shooting is in NYC with dates TBD. Talent will be paid a $100 flat fee. Apply here!

A feature film is seeking talent, aged 40 or older, for a supporting role. “Sleep Tight” is about an online support group that operates under false pretenses, cloaking the predatory aims of its moderator. The film is in post-production and needs talent for a supporting role that is expected to shoot for one day. Talent will play Pat, an associate of the main antagonist and a fellow moderator. Shooting will take place this spring in NYC. Talent will be paid $125 per day plus meals. Apply here!

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