CASTING ALERT: Feature Film ‘Marry Me’ Starring Jennifer Lopez Needs Talent + More NYC Auditions

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New York City is full of amazing casting opportunities for talent seeking roles on the stage and screen this week. A national tour for “Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom” is seeking black talent with singing skills to join the national tour while the Universal feature film “Marry Me” starring Jennifer Lopez needs background actors. Also, Target Margin Theater needs Asian talent for their retelling of a 1983 production of “Death of a Salesman” performed in Beijing, and more!

The Universal feature “Marry Me,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Maluma, needs male and female talent, aged 18–40, to play backup dancers. Roles don’t require any actual dancing, but talent should resemble dancers in stature and physique. Talent must be comfortable performing around atmospheric smoke. Shooting is from Oct. 23–25 in NYC with a possible wardrobe fitting prior. Equity actors will be paid SAG-AFTRA rates. Nonunion talent will earn $165 per 10-hour shoot day. Apply here!

A short digital commercial for a beverage brand is looking for fun and fit talent for non-speaking roles. The spot is about a beverage that sets the lead off on a mysterious adventure through the city after work, leading to a cosmopolitan city. The production wants white or Latino male talent, aged 25–45, to play the confident, white-collar principal and talent, aged 25–48, for supporting and background roles as party-goers. Shooting will take place on Oct. 29–30. Talent playing the lead will earn $500–$1,000 per day. Supporting roles will earn $300–$500 while background talent will earn $150 per day. Apply here!

The Broadway hit “To Kill A Mockingbird” is seeking Equity talent for future replacements and understudies on Broadway and on tour. The show is an adaptation of the classic novel by Harper Lee about Atticus Finch, a lawyer in Depression-era Alabama defending an African American man of rape, as well as Finch’s family. White male talent, aged 45–59, is wanted to play Atticus, white female talent, aged 18 or older, is wanted to play his daughter Scout, black female talent, aged 40–49, is wanted to play Calpurnia, and more. Equity Principal Auditions are running from Oct. 22–25 in NYC. The show is currently on Broadway. Talent will be paid $2,095 per week under an Equity Production (League) Agreement. Apply here!

Target Margin Theater is casting talent for an all-female retelling of the 1983 production of “Death of a Salesman,” directed by Arthur Miller himself for the Beijing People’s Arts Theater. The production wants Asian, Indian, or Pacific Islander female talent, aged 18 and older, with Mandarin fluency for four roles. Rehearsals start on Dec. 9 in prep for a workshop performance at the Museum of Chinese in America. A showcase performance will take place on Feb. 18 with a run from March 23–April 19 at the Doxsee Theater. Talent will be paid $150 for the December period and $1,000 for the 2020 performances. Apply here!

An upcoming relaunch of a full-cover concealer product is seeking talent of all genders, aged 18–40. The spot will show off the versatility of the product in covering up beauty and birthmarks, tattoos, scars, vitiligo, and heavy redness. The production wants talent with any of the above easily visible on their skin including the face, neck, chest, or elsewhere. They are also seeking talent with any other reason to use the product. Shooting will take place in late October in NYC. Talent will be paid $750+ depending on experience. Apply here!

A real estate commercial for a startup wants talent for principal roles. The spot needs male talent, aged 35–55, to play a father, female talent, aged 8–14, to play a daughter, female talent, aged 50–75, to play a retired woman, and talent, aged 35–60, to play a real estate agent. Shooting be held on either Oct. 22, 23, or 24 in NYC. Talent will be paid $700. Apply here!

The national tour for “Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom” is seeking black female singer-actors for the ensemble and to understudy and cover. The show tells the true story of Lynda Blackmon, one of the youngest participants of the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. Talent should be comfortable singing a capella in ‘60s rock and gospel styles. Rehearsals run from Dec. 9–Jan. 5, 2020 in NYC. The tour runs from Jan.–March 15 with a possible extension through May 2. Talent will be paid $650–$675 per week plus a per diem. Apply here!

A promotional video for a new consumer electronics brand is looking for talent, aged 35–45. Talent will play the comical role of a designer for a new speaker and must be able to do a British accent. Shooting will take place during late October–early November. Talent will be paid $500 per day. Apply here!

The dark comedy web series “Cold Winter” is casting talent for principal roles. The show is about three family members and their neighbors who scare each other for laughs—although in a hotel in the middle of nowhere “it’s a different story.” The show wants female talent, aged 23–30, to play a wife, male talent, aged 26–35, to play her husband, male talent, aged 18–29, and female talent, aged 21–27, to play newlyweds, and more. Rehearsals and shooting take place in NYC. Talent will be paid $150 per day. Apply here!

An urban fantasy web series, “Hidden Guardians,” is looking for Indigenous Peoples female talent, aged 20–30, for a supporting role. The show is about four women who are gifted powers by an ancient goddess. The show wants talent to play Emery, a mysterious woman with charisma, special powers, and a mission of revenge. Rehearsals start in April with shooting taking place in May in New York. Talent will be paid $125 per day. The production is applying for a SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement. Apply here!

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