CASTING ALERT: The Broadway Production of ‘Hamilton’ Needs Dancers + More NYC Auditions

Photo Source: Joan Marcus

There are plenty of great opportunities on both the stage and screen in New York this week. The Broadway production and touring productions for “Hamilton” need dancers while the new play “Florida Man” is looking for talent for principal and supporting roles. Also, the escape room adventure “The Santorium” needs female talent for a replacement and more!

The ongoing Broadway production and touring productions of “Hamilton” are looking for male-identifying and nonbinary dancers, aged 18 and older, who can sing well and are extensively trained in all areas of dance. Performers with disabilities and from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. There will be an Equity Chorus Call on June 18 in NYC. Talent will be paid according to a Production (League) Contract. Apply here!

A Broadway Bound Theater Festival showcase of the new play “Florida Man” needs talent for principal and supporting roles. The production is looking for white male talent, aged 28–40, Latino or Hispanic male talent, aged 28–40, female talent, aged 28–40, and more. Auditions are by appointment on June 19. Rehearsals start in July with performances at Theater Row in NYC on July 31 and Aug. 1 and 3. Talent will be paid a stipend under the terms of an Equity Showcase Code contract. Apply here!

The Merry-Go-Round Youth Theatre is looking for black, white, Southeast Asian, or multiracial female talent, aged 23–40, to perform in a traveling world premiere production. “Look Up: Tales from the Sky” is a 50-minute family production that explores three myths from different cultures about the origins of the sun and the moon. Talent will play multiple roles and must be able to create dynamic and distinct characters through physicality. Rehearsals start July 1 in Auburn, New York. The show will tour throughout central and upstate New York from July 8–Aug. 10. Talent will be paid $425 per week including housing. Apply here!

Social media ads for a tailored t-shirt wants male models, aged 30–55. Shooting will take place the week of June 17 or June 24. Talent will be paid $400 per day. Apply here!

The short film “Franzie” is seeking male and female talent for principal and supporting roles. The proof-of-concept short is about a woman who sees a ghost from her past while performing at a poetry reading. The production wants black, Latina, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or multiracial talent, aged 18–30, to play Franzie, the newly sober poet, and diverse male and female talent, aged 20–34, for supporting roles. Shooting is in August in NYC. Talent will be paid $125 per day plus meals. Apply here!

TomorrowLand Productions and Pop-Up Theatre’s “Dope Queens” is seeking talent, aged 18–30, for principal roles. The production wants black or multiracial transgender female talent to play the reckless Goldie, white male talent to play the grifter and drug addict Blake, and more. Rehearsals start on July 8 with a run from Aug. 9–Sept. 8 or 22 in NYC. Talent will be paid Equity scale under the terms of a 99 seat theater agreement plus a 10 percent agency fee. Apply here!

A production of the play “Brooklyn Field” needs Equity white male talent, aged 45–60, to play the principal role of Morris Klein. Morris is an aging Jewish accountant living in Brooklyn and contemplating suicide. The role requires a great voice and comic irony. Rehearsals start mid-June with the show running four performances per week. Talent will be paid $87 per performance under the terms of an Equity Periodic Performance Agreement. Apply here!

The Concrete Temple Theatre’s production of “Packrat” is looking for union or nonunion puppeteers. The multimedia puppet production is based on the adventure novel “Watership Down.” Rehearsals run from October 2019–late February 2020 with a workshop performance in the Catskills from Nov. 22–24 and performances Jan. 24–Feb. 8 in NYC as well as the week of Feb. 17 in Flint, Michigan. Talent will be paid stipends for each phase of the project with housing, transportation, and a per diem for out of town dates. Apply here!

The immersive escape room experience “The Sanatorium” is seeking female talent, aged 21–35, for a replacement role. Talent will be playing Nurse Doss, a crazed former patient disguised as a nurse who is locking up audience members in a 1910s-style sanatorium. The show features multiple endings with participants trying to escape from the sanatorium within an hour. Rehearsals take two weeks with performances 2–3 days a week in NYC. Talent will be paid $15 per hour for rehearsals, training, and performances. Apply here!

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