Star in a Psychological Drama About Roommates + More Casting Calls in New York City

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Photo Source: “The Roommate” Courtesy Screen Gems

New York City actors searching for work have come to the right place. Every week, we update this feature to include the best casting calls in the city and beyond. Whether you’re based in the five boroughs or just a short train ride away, check out this list highlighting various opportunities in your area.

“Butch Robinson and the Stolen Souls”

The short film “Butch Robinson and the Stolen Souls” is seeking gender-nonconforming or non-binary talent, aged 22–35. The comedic noir is about a non-binary detective hunting down a man who has been stealing the souls of women and girls. Talent will play the suave detective Butch Robinson, who has something to prove. Shooting is Jan. 20–23, 2023 in New York City. Talent will be paid $125 per day, plus meals. 

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The short film “Choros” is looking for female, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming talent with accent and dialect experience, aged 28–40. The story is about a young environmental activist that mysteriously falls ill. The project will use AI technology to create four characters, and talent will serve as the physical and vocal model for each of these roles: a mother, a father, a doctor, and a friend. Rehearsals and recording is in early to mid-December in New York City. Talent will be paid a flat $500 for 2 days of work, which includes rehearsal.

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“Beautiful and Neat Room”

The feature film “Beautiful and Neat Room” is seeking female talent, aged 25–30. The psychological drama explores the roommate experience in New York. Talent will play Niki, who hails from a European country and is reserved, self-centered, and dramatic. Shooting is for 3 days, Dec. 9–11, in New York City. Talent will be paid $200 per day. COVID-19 regulations will be followed on set.

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Bathtub Stopper Product Commercial

A bathtub stopper commercial is looking for female and male talent, aged 25–60, for either testimonial or modeling roles. Shooting is for one day, Nov. 30–Dec. 2, in Sparta, New Jersey; talent must self-report to set. Talent will be paid $350–$450, depending on the role.

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Tech Company Training Video

A corporate training video for a tech company is looking for male talent with strong public speaking skills, aged 25–40. Talent should have a clean-cut look and will speak directly into the camera as part of a training module. Shooting is in November in the New Haven, Connecticut area. Talent will be paid $600 for a 7-hour shoot, plus meals.

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Peer Groups Social Ad

A social media ad for, a place where people can meet weekly and gain new perspectives, wants talent. The production is seeking talent with UGC experience who are comfortable speaking directly into the camera; roles include a single mom, for female talent, aged 38 and up, an urban resident, for male talent, aged 30–40, plus more. Shooting is late Nov. in NYC. Talent will be paid $300–$600 for a 3-hour shoot.

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Product Launch Commercial

A lifestyle commercial for Sesshin, a face-care brand, is looking for Black or multiethnic talent, aged 20–35. Talent will portray a New Yorker during their commute to work as a barista, as well as pursuing their passion for music after hours. Shooting is for 2–3 days in NYC. Talent will be paid $200 per day.

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“Fraudulent Conversion”

A thriller/horror feature film is looking for talent. The production wants white female talent, aged 35–45, to play Anna, white male talent, aged 45–55, to play the lawyer Carl, plus more. Shooting is Nov.–early Dec. in the Ulster, Dutchess, and Putnam Counties of Upstate New York. Talent will be paid $165 per day.

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“Cold Harbor”

The scripted show “Cold Harbor” is looking for diverse tall talent, aged 18–75, for background roles. The production wants talent that looks like they have spent many years working outdoors, with wrinkles and weathered faces, to play farmers and other rural types. Shooting will take place over two days in New York City. Talent will be paid $187 per day.

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