A Narrative Short Drama Needs Talent + More Casting Calls in Canada

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Are you looking for casting calls in Canada? Never miss a great gig by visiting this go-to roundup of acting jobs. Each week, we update this feature to include a variety of different casting calls throughout the country so we can help you land your next role. Wondering who’s hiring this week? A narrative short drama, a dark comedy, and more. 


Casting is underway for “Clean,” a narrative short film about June, a young woman determined to make a clean start after her release from prison. Two actors, aged 25–65, are wanted for supporting roles. Rehearsals will take place in April with filming to follow in May in the Greater Toronto Area. Pay is CA $100 per day with travel and meals provided.

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Join the cast of “Airbag,” a fast-paced dark comedy/dramedy about a father and daughter with themes of immaturity and ego. Two Canada or U.S.-based male actors, aged 10–50, are wanted for a supporting and a day player role. Additionally, the production is hiring a makeup artist to do realistic blood makeup. Filming will take place on Feb. 10–12, with the location(s) TBD. Pay is $75 per day for the supporting role and $75–$150 per day for the crew. The day player role, which is a role for a minor, is unpaid.

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“Steinburg,” Pilot

Casting is underway for “Steinburg,” a pilot for broadcast television adapted from the novel “Steinburg’s Hollywood.” Actors in Canada, the U.K., Australia, Israel, Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland, aged 20–75, are wanted for leads and supporting roles, including the starring roles of Sid Steinburg and David Mitchell. Principal photography will begin in Spring 2023 in Arizona. Pay is $300 per day for three days of work, with travel and lodging provided.

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“Switched at Death”

Casting is underway for “Switched at Death,” a feature-length comedy film about a self-centered computer analyst who, after getting kicked out of the house by his wife, moves into the retirement home of the only person he hasn’t pissed off: his wife’s grandmother. Actors, aged 6–80, are wanted for various roles, including the protagonist Gerald and the antagonist Viktor. Filming will take place in mid-February through mid-March in Toronto. Pay is CA $500 per day minimum, with meals included.

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“Long Road Home”

Casting is underway for “Long Road Home,” an upcoming miniseries. Canada and U.S.-based actors, aged 9–26, are wanted for various leads and supporting roles, including the starring roles of Casey and Tommy. Additionally, the production is hiring a writer and an executive producer. Filming dates and locations are TBD. Pay is undisclosed by the production.

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Popular Rug Brand

Narrative Ads is seeking Canadian and Australian talent with nice homes, aged 25–50, to create social media ads for a popular rug brand. Talent will work remotely. Pay is $200 for five hours of work.

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Dove Tales, Resident Actor and Drama Teacher

Dove Tales Theatre Company, Hong Kong’s premier children’s theatre company, is seeking talent in  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and the U.K. for an upcoming role. The company is currently seeking an actor, aged 18–35, to become a full-time drama teacher and performer. A university degree and experience teaching, directing, and performing for young audiences are required. Talent will work from May 2023 through August 2024 in Hong Kong. Pay is $27,516 with visa, job training, medical/dental insurance, and air travel included.

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Resident Artist for English Musicals Korea

English Musicals Korea is seeking versatile performers around the world, aged 22 or older, to become resident artists to produce and perform original, interactive shows to help students and families learn English in South Korea. A Bachelor’s degree and passport from an English-speaking country are required. Talent will work in 2023–2023 in Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Pay is $2,200 per month with private housing, roundtrip airfare, a pension plan, a daily meal stipend, sick and vacation days, health insurance, and more benefits provided.

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Senior UGC/Video Ad Creators (Ages 50+)

Contentjet is currently seeking Canada and U.S.-based actors and content creators, aged 50 and older, to create remote videos and commercials. Pay is TBD.

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UGC/Video Ad Creators, German or Portuguese-Speaking Talent

Additionally, Contentjet is seeking worldwide German or Portuguese-speaking talent, aged 20–40, for remote online commercials and content. Pay is TBD.

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Bahamas Resort, Entertainers

Illustrious Events is seeking entertainers for a Bahamas Resort. Canada-based dancers, trapeze artists, and more, aged 18 and older, are wanted to perform in shows, parties, and other resort events. Contracts will run for six months. Pay is undisclosed.

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Casting is underway for “Dagger,” a feature film that follows David, an insomniac who, after an accident takes away his beloved Julia, will do anything to bring her back, including immersing himself in the magic world. Actors, aged 18–50, are wanted for various leads and supporting roles in the film, including the lead roles of David and Julia. Filming will begin on May 1 in Toronto. Pay is CA$100–$300 per day for up to 20 days of work. 

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