Jon Glaser, Unmasked, on Season Two of 'Delocated'

Photo Source: TM & © 2010 Adult Swim

Comedian Jon Glaser has spent most of this summer -- one of the hottest in New York's history -- running around the streets of the city in a thick wool ski mask. No, he's not robbing banks or sneaking onto fire escapes.

Glaser is playing "Jon," the star of Delocated, Adult Swim's mockumentary series about a man who is placed in the witness protection program and promptly moves his family to New York City in search of fame on his own reality TV show. Still on the run from Russian mobsters who want to kill him, "Jon" must wear a ski mask and voice disguiser at all times to protect himself and his family.

("I always joke with our make-up person," Glaser says. "I don't do any make-up, because I have a mask on. But I actually I like being primped and I find it very relaxing, so I kind of miss getting to do that. I'll look for any opportunity -- 'Uh, I think I need a little wipe down' – because to me it feels good, and I like it.")