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Navigating the world of modeling can be an exciting yet intimidating journey, especially for younger aspirants. For teens, balancing academic responsibilities, extracurricular activities, and a social life with the demands of the modeling industry is no small feat. That’s where specialized agencies come into play. 

The best modeling agencies for young talent aged 12–17 act as reliable allies, offering invaluable guidance and support. Whether you’re a teen looking to break into the industry or a parent seeking to support your child’s dream, here’s a comprehensive guide to representation—and practical advice—to start your journey on the right foot.


How to know if a teen modeling agency is legit

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Before signing on with a teen modeling agency, conduct thorough research to ensure that it’s legitimate and not a scam. Be on the lookout for:

  • An online presence: A credible agency will have a transparent and professional online presence, including a well-designed website and active social media profiles showcasing its signed talent. 
  • A solid reputation: An agency should be recognized by industry leaders and hold memberships in reputable industry organizations. You can also check for testimonials from current or former models and their parents. 
  • No upfront fees: Agencies generally do not charge upfront fees; instead, they earn through commissions once a model starts booking jobs. Be wary of any agency asking for advance payment for portfolios, photo shoots, or training. Always read contracts thoroughly and seek legal advice if needed. 
  • A supportive team: Don’t be afraid to ask questions about an agency’s model management, career guidance, and handling of safety and education for its underage clients. Remember, a legitimate agency will prioritize the welfare and career development of its models above all else.

Top modeling agencies for teens

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Bella Agency Model & Talent

Bella Agency’s L.A. office represents models of all ages, including teens. The agency focuses on diversity, working with models of all ethnicities and backgrounds, and represents talent across commercial and lifestyle modeling. Teenage clients have modeled in commercials for Chuck E. Cheese, Cadillac, and Verizon. 

Submissions: Fill out the submission form

BMG Models

BMG Models is a full-service modeling agency that represents talent of all ages. The agency has offices in New York, Chicago, L.A., Orlando, Miami, and Atlanta, with a teen division in each. BMG is renowned for providing a high level of personal service to its models, who have posed for Seventeen, Dimension, Horizon, and Elle. 

Submissions: Fill out the submission form.  

Generation Model Management

Generation Model Management is a NYC-based agency specializing in child and teen modeling up to age 15. Known for professional development and strong client relationships, the agency has been in the industry for over three decades and strives to promote the individuality of young models. Its roster of talent has modeled for Calvin Klein, J.Crew, the Sunday Collective, Little Star Organic, and Nike. 

Submissions: Fill out the submission form.

Muse Management NYC

With its holistic approach, Muse Management NYC emphasizes the health, education, and well-being of its models. The agency mostly represents older teen talent, preparing them for the transition to adult modeling. Its clients have appeared in Vanity Teen, Teen Vogue, Calvin Klein, and Vibe.

Submissions: Send your name, age, location, images, and measurements to scouting@musenyc.com. 

Otto Models

Otto Models represents a diverse range of talent, including teens, in California—mainly Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. The agency focuses on high-fashion and commercial modeling. It’s a mother agency, meaning it helps connect new models with other talent agencies, which can be the perfect way to jump-start a teen model’s career. Otto clients have modeled for Guess, Apple, and the GLD Shop.

Submissions: Send photos showing your face and body, stats (age, height, weight), location, and contact information to NewFaces@OttoModels.com.

Stewart Talent

Stewart Talent offers representation for actors, voiceover artists, and models of all ages. The agency has offices in New York, L.A, Chicago, and Atlanta. Its Chicago branch has a teen modeling division, and its NYC branch has a children/young adult division. Stewart Talent has a dedicated team that focuses on developing the careers of its models—including working with Vogue, Anon Fashion Magazine, and Lunchables—in a supportive environment.

Submissions: For teen models interested in print, submit this form to the agency’s Chicago office. For the NYC branch, email photos and a résumé to youthny@stewarttalent.com, and include your height, weight, hair color, and eye color; how you were referred; and your contact number and/or email.

TL Modeling Agency

This Houston agency specializes in representing models of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. TL Modeling focuses on the development and career longevity of its clients, ensuring they have the necessary skills to succeed. Its talent has modeled for Apple, National Geographic, Walmart, and Nike.

Submissions: Fill out the submission form

Ursula Wiedmann Models

Known for its focus on individual career paths, Ursula Wiedmann represents talent of all ages, with a specialty in teen models. The Atlanta-based agency’s models have appeared in ads for Samsung, Sorelle, and Look One.

Submissions: Fill out the submission form.

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