How to Increase Range + Reduce Tension While Singing

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Today I’m coming to you with a tip on how to increase your range and reduce tension in your singing. This tip is borne out of my experience as a mother which, on the surface, has nothing to do with singing, but has actually been quite fertile soil for bearing some great singing tools.

I have a four-year-old daughter. One of the things I have learned from parenting her throughout the toddler years (and now the preschool years) is the value of re-direction. Thank the lord for re-direction! I cannot overstate how many times this tactic has saved me from being on the receiving end of a major fuss. For singers, the value of re-direction is just as strong; it’s an incredibly powerful way to combat tension.

My favorite re-direction tool is opposition. There are so many useful applications for opposition in singing. The one I’m focusing on today is using it to help singers reduce tension and increase vocal range.

In my experience, most singers have much more range then they’re currently able to access. The reason it’s so hard for many of you to make use of the upper reaches of your range is that too much tension builds up around your larynx as you rise in pitch and you get stuck. This is where the idea of opposition can make all the difference in the world.

Watch the video below to learn how to employ opposition to help you reduce tension, sing more freely in all areas of your voice, and more readily access the highest reaches of your range.

Arden Kaywin is a voice teacher in Los Angeles pioneering work with singers in a four-month intensive training that uses mindfulness to eradicate tension and up-level singing technique.

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Arden Kaywin is voice teacher, vocal coach, and vocal producer in Los Angeles with over 10 years experience working with developing singers and nearly 20 years as a professional singer herself. She holds a master’s degree in music and vocal performance from the Manhattan School of Music in NYC, where she studied classical voice and opera.
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